Fence marker Tools

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Uploaded: 17th Mar 2015 at 8:25 PM
I just thought it was weird that Ea only gave us one ugly big fence marker for the game while we have many in the Sims 2 and three. So I modified one of the fences into a short fence marker for our flower beds and enclosure.

This comes with 4 color options

Having done that I remembered my favorite fence marker from the Sims 3-The Mortar fencing tool. I made a convert of it

This comes with the sims 3 default 3 colors

I hope these comes in handy to your Sims lot buildings.

Found in Build mode under fences

Polygon Counts:
I just think that the Sims 4 fences is made up of different parts and since this involved all the parts that comes with it.

The Mortarfence marker
Fence short and diagonal and pole-36 poly each
Curve Small-224
Curve Medium-332
Curve Big-438

The Flatfence marker
Fence short and diagonal and pole-12
Curve Small-76
Curve Medium-112
Curve Big-160

Additional Credits:
Ea for objects models, Milkshape,Sims4studio,TSRW,