MelBrewer367's Half Walls Galore!

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Uploaded: 31st Mar 2015 at 7:37 PM
THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME!!!! Half walls!! Sorta.

122 short walls, 122 medium walls, 122 tall walls, 122 half walls, 122 thumbnails, 1 specular map, and 1 normal map. 612 dds files. And now it’s all yours.

The white upper "ledge" and it's shadow on the half wall is just painted on. This is actually the Mega Budget DeLite fence recolored to look like half walls. The previews say matching “wallpapers”, the walls are actually under paint. Calling it wallpapers just sounded better than “half walls and matching walls”. Also, please note, the half walls are the same color on both sides. There’s nothing I can do about that because that’s just how the texture works. The different colors have all been numbered so that you can more easily find its match. For instance, in this preview pic, half wall 2 in the blues matches paint wallpaper 2 in the blues.

All of the half walls have been merged into one package and all the matching walls have been merged into a second package (and they're in one zip).

You can see all 122 of the colors in the previews. Also, I cleaned up some columns to look nicer inside with these and will be sharing those as well.

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