Modular Plants II

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Uploaded 17th Mar 2015 at 2:05 PM · Updated 1st Feb 2016 at 12:59 AM by plasticbox

Some more modular plants, this time with a small tabletop pot, that can also be mixed and matched with the plants and hanging pot from this thread.

Update 2015-03-19: Reuploaded the zip; the pot and the hanging plant now work with the in-game Design Tool (the other plants are not changed since they have no colour options in the first place). Note that if you redownload you will need to re-buy these objects in game; there is no way to fix them without changing the instance (see here for details).

The zip contains six packages:
  • Small Pot ‒ empty, seven colour options (same as the hanging pot), 20§
  • Potless Mega Houseplant ‒ The Mega Houseplant without its pot, backfaced so that it also looks good from below (i.e. when used in the hanging pot), 15§
  • Peter Potless Cactus ‒ Small version of the “Peter Pot” outdoor cactus, 35§
  • Potless Snake Plant ‒ De-pottified version of the decorative Snake Plant, 35§
  • Potless Friendly Ficus ‒ Re-meshed small variant of “Frank the Friendly Ficus” minus the vase, 40§
  • Flower of Superiority ‒ Hanging plant re-meshed from the Windowbox of Superiority, five colour options, 40§

All plants are referencing their textures from the originals, so texture overrides will also work for these. Screenshots are taken using the Windowbox of Superiority overrides from here. The pot and all of the plants are in Decoration > Plants, all plants except the hanging flower in Build Mode > Shrubs as well (they look nice in the wild when used as small garden plants, only the hanging plant would be a bit weird when it’s hanging into the ground).

blender, Milkshape, s4pe, TSRW, ModdingToolkit.