Updated Decluttered Food Displays

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Uploaded: 20th Apr 2015 at 5:05 AM
I removed the built-in clutter from the Baker's Cousin Display Case and the Frigidare Refrigerated Display and moved around the slots so that there is more space.

This is a small update to the previously uploaded fixed version from April 15th. Upon editing the upload I accidentally lost the whole post, so this updated version is now in its own original upload post. This update on April 20th adds a reference to the original Maxis object.

Note that some spots on the displays hold only cake, some spots hold only other items, and some hold both. As adding completely new slots seems to make restocking buggy, I only moved around existing slots. If you want to fit the maximum number of cakes, place them first, and other items in the remaining spots after that.

These are standalone objects that don't replace anything, you can still keep using the original Maxis displays. They can be found in the retail catalog along with the Maxis originals for the same price. The catalog names have "Decluttered" added to them.

Both the meshes and textures have been edited from the originals, but the color options are the same as those of the original objects. One of the color options (white) for the Frigidare Displays is missing from the screenshot, but it is also included in the file.

File names are:

Polygon Counts:
Baker's Display: 234 polygons, 371 vertices (sunshadow: 196 polygons, 138 vertices)
Frigidare Display: 366 polygons, 578 vertices (sunshadow: 345 polygons, 213 vertices)

Additional Credits:
S4PE, Photoshop CC, Blender, Sims 4 Studio