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Trait Discovery Fix

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Uploaded: 8th Oct 2015 at 12:33 PM
Certain traits (such as Gatherer, Loves to Swim, Social Butterfly) are undiscoverable by other sims, even when spamming "Get to Know" in conjunction with the "Observant" and "Never Dull" lifetime rewards. I believe this is not intended and this mod will make them discoverable as how I think they should be.

This pure scripting mod activates on startup and simply sets traits that fulfil the following conditions to discoverable:
* It is not a hidden trait (e.g. Pyromaniac)
* It is not a reward trait (e.g. Observant)

Installation and Uninstallation
To install, simply unzip the file and drop the .package file into the mod\packages folder.
To uninstall, simply delete the .package file from the mod\packages folder. This mod does not alter nor attach any additional data to your sims.

There should be no conflict with other mods and the mod should work with the base game. However, only traits from some EPs (e.g. Supernatural, Seasons, Island Paradise) are affected by the undiscoverable issue.

One problem with the mod is that you get the strange message "[Your sim] learned that ." whenever your sim discovers one of the affected traits of another sim. This is because EA provided a blank discovery message for those traits, for unknown reasons.

Additional Credits:
* Mod the Sims for the helpful modding tutorials
* Microsoft for providing Visual Studio Community Edition 2015 for free
* Peter L. Jones for S3PE