Just Off Campus Diner

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The Land Grant University map has a couple of places where a road fronts the river - prime real estate, but too narrow to use with the lot sizes available with Base Game and University. So while I was making date locations for it with Nightlife, I thought I should make a few that utilized that no-doubt expensive turf. The Just Off Campus Diner is typical of many independently-owned small town American diners, closely resembling railroad dining cars in design; nothing but the basics and hoping for a high turnover of customers. In addition to the LGU riverfront locations, it's just the right size and shape to fit in front of the skyscrapers or high rises of an urban neighborhood, serving the imaginary office workers of those imaginary buildings; and it's small and basic enough for the budding OFB entrepreneur with $50K or so burning a hole in his pocket and the courage to tackle running a restaurant.

As for the color scheme - bright colors stimulate the appetite! (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Lot Size: 3x1
Lot Price (furnished): $50,122

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the makers of AGS and my architectural advisers in the Creator Feedback forum!