Simcity 4 Morgue set. ( Updated 19 July 2023 )

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Uploaded: 30th Jul 2016 at 2:30 AM
Updated: 19th Jul 2023 at 8:32 AM - Updated items with more realism and detail.
Hello. I have udated the items on this set. Its perfect for creating a morgue for your machinimas or story telling.

It consist of

A morgue fridge poster that you can put on walls for your morgue
Located at wall decoration (where the painting are) and cost 80

A Jane Doe body, a John Doe body, a dead body under sheet
Located at sculpts and cost 0

Body bag
located at sculpts and cost 0

And a morgue slab
located at sculpts and cost 100

This time the morgue slab is not a bed (is a sculpt), because I modified it so you can attach a sink on it for more realism.

I have modified the dead bodies sculpts, so they look more realistic, with beautiful swatches.

Now the body bag looks more realistic and detailed with more swatches.

Hope you like this updated items and will create beautiful stories with them.

Any coments are highly appreciated.

Polygon Counts:

Body bag

high 374 poly
med 266 poly
low 215 poly

theres no shadow lod.

Morgue fridge poster.

high 696 poly

theres no shadow lod

Decorative morgue slab

high 764 poly
med 514 poly


high 763 poly
med 512 poly

Dead body on sheet

high 3019 poly
med 2686 poly


high 3017 poly
med 2684 poly

John Doe body

high 3540 poly
med 3186 poly


high 3538 poly
med 3184 poly

Jane Doe body

high 3558 poly
med 3023 poly


high 3556 poly
med 3021 poly

Additional Credits:
MTS, Sims 4 Studio