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Clarendon House

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Uploaded: 3rd Aug 2017 at 11:53 AM
Hey there,

Long time no see! I got asked to post this house on here by a couple of people at r/thesims on Reddit, and I've finally found the file on an old hard drive!!

It's an old English Country Manor that's been renovated and extended upon, I hope you like it! it's 60x60! Here's a fun list of things about the house:
  • It's old
  • It's English
  • It's been totally renovated; windows repainted, mortar re-pointed, roof slate repaired and relaid, carped installed, new kitchens and bathrooms!
  • Original parquet floor kept and repaired
  • 5 Bedrooms - One of which is in the converted stable block guest house
  • 6 (SIX!) Bathrooms
  • Extension to make the kitchen bigger
  • So many rooms I ran out of names
  • Parking for all the fancy dinner parties you're going to have now
  • Probably two dining rooms for those fancy dinner parties
  • Vegetable garden with a cool dead tree
  • Lake Clarendon
  • Fireplaces. Lots of fireplaces

All you need is Supernatural, and Two-Tile Windows from MTS!

This house looks perfect for Christmas, with the white icicle lights on the roof, and a tree in the windows! I'll save it for you to see though! So English

I've added a few photos to this upload, but there's a ridiculous amount of photos here for anyone that wants to see literally every room

Thanks to u/purvapar and u/LadyJR from Reddit for asking for this to be uploaded! My love of building has been rekindled, so I'm gonna try making another house that'll look very similar to this one in its materials!

Buff bricks and slate rooftiles are my favourite pairing for a house, especially a rural English house. I'm so old now I enjoy bricks. Eurgh.



Lot Size: 60x60
Lot Price (furnished): 181,353
Lot Price (unfurnished): 176,162

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