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Uploaded: 21st Sep 2017 at 9:34 PM
Updated: 24th Jan 2018 at 1:01 PM

Polstuart is a project I have been working on since November 2016. It is very much inspired by the ruins of Poltalloch House in Argyll, Scotland. I've loved it ever since I laid eyes on its forlorn and overgrown shell as a child, and have often fantasized about saving and restoring it. That fantasy has been partially realised through this creation. Poltalloch is a Victorian era Jacobethan style home, but I really wanted to create something a little more authentic, so I drew inspiration from Haddon Hall when adding the finishing touches, I was even fortunate enough to visit Haddon this year which spurred me on to finish it. So Polstuart is the lovechild of a Victorian Wannabe and one of the most magical Medieval and Tudor houses in the world.

The project has had a rather sporadic evolution as I tried to squeeze it all onto a 40 by 40 lot, but when I realised this wasn't going to work I then spawned a larger version on a larger lot. This then meant I was building two houses at once, doing one part on one version and then replicating it on the other, then when the two were nearly finished I then decided to do an even bigger version which involved moving the larger version onto an even larger lot and letting my heart run wild with the gardens. So now I'm able to offer the house in three different sizes, all very similar but each having its own character and quirks. The large and medium versions are practically identical internally, but the large version has the addition of a more substantial garden. Meanwhile their little sister offers the same level of detail and character, but in a more compact form with streamlined furnishing making it slightly more economic and a bit more manageable on a weaker computer.
I've never built something so big before and wouldn't normally consider playing anything larger than a 40 by 40 lot, which is why I kept all three versions so that you can choose something to fit your own gaming habits.

Lot Info:
40 by 40
544, 345 Simoleons Furnished
339,843 Simoleons Unfurnished
50 by 50
675,692 Simoleons Furnished
436,448 Simoleons Unfurnished
60 by 60
741, 848 Simoleons Furnished
496,964 Simoleons Unfurnished

Creator Notes:
Each version has been play-tested and all of the fireplaces have been upgraded to 'Fireproof' along with the plumbing being upgraded to 'Unbreakable'
While I have had a lot of fun creating this lot, one thing that has fought me at every turn is the curse of the mysterious random floating ceiling tile. I think the evil has been defeated, but if it does rear its ugly head then do let me know and I'll see if I can rectify it.
When playing one of the larger lots you'll find you won't be able to set the Front Door because the game considers it to be an internal door, however this hasn't caused me any issues when playing as newspapers are delivered to the side door and sims will enter the front door and proceed to the side hall when returning home or moving in for the first time.
The internal pictures were all taken in the medium and large versions.
There was an issue with the original versions I uploaded and a piece of rogue CC deciding it was going to tag along for the ride. Thanks to the help of attuned I think I've managed to overcome this issue with the revised uploads.

I hope you will enjoy this creation, it has been labour of love and learning. If you have any issues, feel free to let me know, otherwise, enjoy!

Lot Size: 50x50
Lot Price (furnished): 675,692 Simoleons
Lot Price (unfurnished): 436,448 Simoleons