Renovated Roman

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Uploaded: 12th Dec 2011 at 10:43 AM
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So I haven't been around for a bit... well a lot, and I thought I'd jump on the Ancient Bandwagon!!

This is basically what used to be an ancient Roman country villa that has managed to survive the centuries, be looked after and dragged into the present day :D

I took the floorplan from some of my old Classical Civilisation lessons at 6th from and built the house (loosely) based upon what I found obviously I couldn't follow it completely as it's nigh on impossible, and also because i wanted to add many many things to it, like a sauna at the back, and a temple and things!! Though originally it would have actually had the plants growing in the yard at the front and the majority of the plan is at least similar to the plans I found

First off, this does need only one fairly important piece of CC, the DIY build set, by Armiel, found here I would hide it in a pretty link but I can barely make text bold PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT!! As not only is it incredible and the one bit of CC I use without fail, the villa will look dodgy without it!!!

This Villa has four bedrooms (5 if you include the cupboard where I have the butler sleep near the nectar cellar) and it has six bathrooms!!

It's on a 50x50 lot and costs 206,908 Unfurnished and... wait for it... 422,921 Furnished!!


Front View

Main Private Courtyard

First Floor Master Bedroom

I think that should be enough photos!! I have to be honest, I'm really proud of this, and I don't think the photo's do it justice at all!! You'll just have to download it and see if you agree :P

Thankyou for looking!! I hope you enjoy playing with this house as much as I do!!!

Much Love,

Craig :D

Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price: 422,921

Additional Credits:
Armiel for the DIY build Island which I adore!

and his build set

and Tyu, just because :D