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Carmencita - A Hacienda with a Tomb

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Uploaded: 25th Jul 2010 at 6:50 PM
Updated: 27th Jul 2010 at 7:40 PM - ballsed up the tomb
AHHH CRAP - the tomb has a bit that doesn't work, oops. its a steam trap coming outta the wall, if you get to that point, just cheat and teleport passed it, or wait a couple days for me to fix it :D

Well, this was a lot of hard work!

Welcome to Carmencita, or 'Little Carmen'. It's named after my Spanish housemate at uni 'cause I'm missing her over Summer...

This house has a nice little cellar, which I can't show you on here as it would give away the entire tomb that I've created underneath the house. Now, I'm gonna have to trust you guys and assume you wont go into build or buy until you've explored the whole place!!!

The house itself is based (very) loosely on a Mediterranean style and has dark wood fittings and plush furniture to match. The garden is totally surrounded by walls to keep it shaded and cool. I have painstakingly grown all the plants in the game except the opportunity ones to perfect level, and they are dotted about the garden and the vegetable patch outside the walls.

I totally forgot that I'd used CC in this house, but I use it so often I assume it's part of the game :

Dining Table Clutter by cmomoney


Magic Orchids by Dolphin26

I suppose they're not necessary, but I can only guess what the hell will be on your dining table if you don't download them as well haha!!

^^ Cheers guys!!

EDIT: I originally made the house with Ambitions stuff as well, hence the telescope at the top of the front tower. I had the fireman's poles going up all 3 towers, so feel free to do that if you have Ambitions, just makes the space a little more useful for like offices or a bathroom or something =] also, the little utility room used to have the washing machine and stuff in it, I just put a dishwasher etc. in there to fill the space!

That's the walled off garden with (hopefully) a view of the ocean to the right.

Oh I designed this to be in the Wolff's lot in the original 'hood.

and this is the dining room with the table clutter I so frequently use!!

Boring Stuff:

Prices- Furnished 379,279
Unfurnished 205,689

It's expensive I know, but the tomb is well worth it!!

I built it on a 40x40 lot =]

erm, 2 bedrooms....3.5 bathrooms.... in the house ;] I'm not telling you what's underneath it!!

hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: In post