Templar -and Mage- Trait

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UPDATE: User shayene.msoares translate this to Portuguese. It's now added in the download section with their permission

Hello , I have made TWO traits for your sims. This is heavily based on Dragon Age Lore. I wanted to bring a little bit of that tension between Mages and Templars into my game, so I made these traits.

Templar trait:
This sims are resilient, athletic, handy and have no problem staying too long on their own. They WILL become tense and/or uncomfortable around anything Supernatural.
Includes: Ocassional buffs, proximity buffs, whims.

Trait can be found under Lifestyle

Ocassional buffs
-Andraste's Blessing: Your templar feels blessed by the Maker's bride. (Mood: Inspired +5)
-Call your Order Friends: Sometimes templars feel alone, and sometimes templars need to call the only family they know. (Mood: Sad +1)
-In need of Lyrium: Your sim really needs something to boost their stamina! (Mood: Tense+2)
-Need Training!: Templars need regular training to stay fit! (Mood: Energized+4)
-Lack of Work...: Your templar is starting to feel the weight of everyday life! (Mood: Tense+4)

Proximity Buffs
-Mages Nearby: Templars have a bad history with Mages, try to keep them away or find something to calm down! Remember: you can't keep them in a Circle anymore. (Mood: Tense+10. This is were the Mage trait comes to play)
-A ghost is near!: Quick! Send that thing back to the Fade! (Mood: Tense +5)
-There's something weird about this sim...: Your templar can sense something odd about this sim (Mood: Uncomfortable +4) (Reaction to Alien sims)

Skill, needs and career boosts:

Social need DECAY rate: 0.4
Energy INCREASE rate: 1.5
Social INCREASE rate: 0.7

Skills increase rate:
Bartending: 1.8 gain
Handiness: 2 gain
Fitness: 2 gain
Social: 0.2 gain rate
Charisma: 0.4

Careers increase rate:
Detective: 1.4
Scientist: 1.4
Athlete: 1.5
Secret Agent: 1.8

Relationship increase rate:
Friendship: 0.3
Romance: 0.4
Mischief: 1.3

Mage Trait:

I made this trait mostly for the Templar Trait. Mages have a small plus in anything creative and have some occasional buffs. They will have whims about gardening, reading books and brewing remedies.

Can be found under Lifestyle too:

Casual buff(s):
-Magic in the Air!: Your magic sim is ready to create something - magical or not! (Mood: Inspired+4)

Proximity Buff:
-Uh oh: Your sim is really scared of doing magic right now, there is a templar around... (Mood: Uncomfortable+3)

Skills increase rate:
Homestyle cooking: 2
Creative: 2

If there's anything wrong with both of them, please let me know and I'll look into it. I plan on expanding on both traits once I learn a bit more about how to mod.

Additional Credits:
Mod Constructor by Zerbu
Scarlet's tutorial at SimsVip and her for being really nice at answering questions I had.

Game Version: PC.