Robot traits (5 flavors)

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Uploaded: 1st Mar 2015 at 7:21 PM
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Behold, a new trait that can transform your ordinary Sim into a robot! Inspired by The Sims 3: Into the Future and these tattoos that make your Sim look like a robot. Robots build skills 2x as fast as regular Sims and have needs that never decay (which needs never decay depends on the flavor you choose). This mod comes in five flavors: Robot, Sleepless Robot, Hybrid Robot, Artificial Intelligence, and Sleepless Artificial intelligence. You can have multiple installed at once, but don't give multiple robot traits to one sim.

Sleepless Robot


Hybrid Robot:
reuploaded to fix an error

Artificial Intelligence:

Sleepless Artificial Intelligence:

Known issues:
  • After you create your robot Sim, their needs will not be full. This can be easily remedied by using testingcheats true > shift click on them > cheat need > make happy (which fills all of their needs).
  • If you leave any robot Sims at home their needs will decay while your other Sim(s) are gone. This can be remedied by the above method.
  • If you have a lot of custom traits installed, there will be some past where the screen ends that you won't be able to select. This is because there isn't a scroll bar, and to my knowledge there is no fix for it.

If you create a trait similar to this I would love to hear about it! This mod is very basic because I don't have any experience to do anything other than the bare minimum. For example, I wanted to create a 'beta' version where there was a small percentage that it would have a glitch (dazed emotion for 4 or so hours), but I couldn't figure out how to add buffs.

Additional Credits:
Kneph for Robot Dermal Tattoos used in screenshots
Creators of S4PE
Zerbu's The Sims 4 Buff and Trait Factory