Grey Warden Trait [UPDATED 11/13/2018]

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Uploaded: 6th Jun 2018 at 7:31 PM
Updated: 14th Nov 2018 at 3:48 AM
Updated 11/13/18: There was an issue with the core buff overpowering the other buffs, so I reworked it so that shouldn't happen anymore. If anyone has any more issues with it, there's a readme.txt attached to the file with how to contact me since I'm not on MTS frequently. Sorry for the delay!

I have been replaying the Dragon Age games like crazy lately, so here is another trait based off of those games. Still working on this trait a little bit, tweaking here and there, but wanted to let you guys try it out! Feedback is appreciated so I can work out all the kinks. I’ve played with it in my own game and so far, it all seems to flow pretty nicely!

There is a buff that uses an icon from City Living, so you technically need that pack. But, if you don't, the buff will still work - it'll just show a llama instead of the correct icon.

This trait mod shouldn't conflict with ANY other mod at all!


This trait can be found in the “Lifestyle” section, and includes core buffs, occasional buffs, proximity buffs, and whims.

Core Buffs:
Defending Against the Blight - +4 Energized

Occasional Buffs:
The Calling - +2 Tense
Blood Pumping - +3 Focused
Whoa, That Was Some Nightmare... - +4 Uncomfortable

Proximity Buffs:
Sims w/ Warden Trait - +3 Confident

Skill Increase Rates:
All Mental skills - 1.4x rate
All Physical skills - 2x rate

Career Increase Rates:
Athlete, Detective, Secret Agent, Scientist - all 1.5x rate

Need Decay Rate:
Energy - 0.6x
Fun - 0.4x

Relationship Increase Rate:
Grey Warden Sims - 2x
Friendship - 0.7x
Romance - 0.7x

Templar whims are focused in Fitness, Charisma, and Logic

Please let me know if something doesn’t work or you’d like to see something added! I’ve tested it out in my game and it works perfectly, but if you run into any issues let me know.

Additional Credits:
Zerbu's Mod Constructor