The Sims 4 Random Sim Generator

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Uploaded: 25th Jan 2018 at 2:34 AM
Updated: 8th Dec 2021 at 8:47 PM

Making a challenge sim? Want to make a new sim/family but lacking the inspiration? Want to select a random job for a sim, or a random skill? Whether they should be a supernatural? This download allows you to randomize sims and/or their properties quickly and easily using a graphical user interface. Simply open the randomizer in your web browser, select the aspects you would like to randomize, and you're set to go.

Note: This download is not an in-game download, but rather a stand-alone utility. It does not go in your Mods folder, and it does not automatically make random sims/families for you. It's more of an easy-to-use electronic die, if you will. It shows you the randomization results, which you can then take note of and use when making your sim/family.

The TS4 Sim Randomizer is based on The Sim Randomizer for TS2, which I made a few years back with Phaenoh's help. This is essentially the same tool, but for TS4. It uses a very slight adaptation of Phaenoh's layout from 2013, and it's uploaded with permission.

Update: February 9, 2018: updated for patch PC / Mac, which added 10 new skin tones. The new version has a small code update to account for the increased amount of skins, and the skin icons are updated to match the post patch situation. The skins considered unnaturals are now numbers 27 through 35. Note: the new skintones were added in the middle of the swatch in the game, so if you use the old version of this randomizer, the numbers given in the icons no longer correspond to the order of the swatch. By redownloading, you can avoid this inconvenience, as well as randomize between all the skins currently in the game.

Update: May 12, 2018: updated for the Jungle Adventure pack, which added two new Aspirations and two new Skills.

Update: May 29, 2018: fixed a bug that caused the "previously existing" option within the gender preference feature to be disregarded and the gender selected always being female with this option selected.

Update: September 29, 2018: updated for the Seasons pack, which added one new career and one new skill. Added a new feature that allows you to randomize whether or not your sim has a tattoo. Thanks to Atreya for the suggestion!

Update: January 13, 2019: updated for the Get Famous pack, which added two new Aspirations, two Skills, two Careers (one teen ”Career” and one regular one) and one Trait.

Update: August 24, 2019: updated for the StrangerVille, Island Living and Moschino Stuff packs and the Base Game Freelancer career update. StrangerVille added a new aspiration and a new career, and Island Living added two new traits, one adult career and three teen careers. A Base Game update added one new career, Freelancer, which has three different branches (or ”trades”), while Moschino Stuff added one new branch/trade to that career. Note: I couldn't find separate icons for the Freelancer career branches, so the branches all use the basic Freelancer icon. If you opt to randomize careers with branches, the Freelancer branches can only be distinguished from the text.

Update: October 20, 2019: updated for the Realm of Magic pack and fixed an oversight in the Island Living pack updates. Realm of Magic added two aspirations as well as a new supernatural type, Spellcaster. Island Living also added a supernatural type, Mermaid, which I overlooked earlier when updating for that, so mermaids are now also added.

Update: February 9, 2020: updated for the Discover University pack. Discover University added one aspiration, two skills, two careers for adults (both with two branches) and two afterschool activities for teens, which are added in the randomizer as teen careers. The randomizer also has a completely new feature for randomizing a college degree, as those were also added with the pack. The pack also introduced a new life state, servo, but it isn't included in the randomizer as you cannot make a servo in CAS.

Update: August 2, 2020: updated for the Eco Lifestyle and Nifty Knitting packs. Eco Lifestyle added one aspiration, one career (with two branches), and three traits. Nifty Knitting added two aspirations, one skill and one career branch. Also a Tiny Living pack has been published, but to my knowledge it didn't add any randomizable features.

Update: December 8, 2021: updated for the Snowy Escape, Journey to Batuu, Dream Home Decorator, Paranormal Stuff, Bust the Dust and Cottage Living packs. Fixed an oversight on the Eco Lifestyle pack and updated for the revamped Spa Day Pack. Snowy Escape added two aspirations, three skills, two traits and one career (with branches). Journey to Batuu added three aspirations. The Dream Home Decorator pack added one career. The Paranormal Stuff pack added one career branch and one skill. The Bust the Dust pack added two aspirations. The Cottage Living pack added one aspiration, two traits and one skill. This update also added the Maker trait from the Eco Lifestyle pack, as I previously somehow missed that. And finally, it added the three new aspirations and one trait added by the revisited Spa Day pack.

Known issue: EA has again changed the genetics swatches (hair colors this time I think?), so the colors and numbers for the genetics are again off. As I've made the numbered color icons myself, I'd have to remake them, and unfortunately don't have the spoons for that, at least not at the moment.

Sorry about the long wait in updates, I hope the randomizer is at least decently usable again!

Installation and use

There is no need to install this download. Simply extract the .rar file where you want it on your computer, and you should get a folder with: a .html file, a readme file and a folder with images in it. To use the randomizer, simply open the .html file in your web browser (tested on Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Edge*).

When you open the randomizer in your browser, you have the feature selections on the left, and on the right are eight empty boxes for sims to be randomized.** You use the program by first filling in the features you want to randomize, and the pressing the "Randomize" button. The resulting sims will be shown as icons and associated text. You can either write down the results, or if you play in a window, keep the randomizer open when you start the game and make your sims.

* Note 1: The randomizer seems to work fine on Edge, but it's unlikely work on IE. I'm on Windows 10 so I can't test that easily. It might work as such, but the layout will probably break.

** Note 2: If your screen or browser window is small, the selections may be at the top and the empty sims boxes at the bottom. Unlike the original TS2 randomizer, this one is built to adapt to your screen size. It's prettiest on a big screen (in my opinion anyway), but at least it doesn't look completely broken when on a smaller screen.

Features and options

The following are the features and options of The Sims 4 Randomizer.


Thanks to Phaenoh, who helped me with the original TS2 randomizer a few years back, and created the layout used in this work — it's still basically the same trusty one!

Credit for the icons used is due to Maxis/EA. Thanks to TheSimKid for the The Sims 4 Ultimate Game Icon Pack, L'Universims for the 1000+ Game Icons pack, the Seasons Icons pack and the Get Famous Icons pack, and Hula-zombie for the Discover University icons pack, all of which made my work in making this download a lot easier. Thanks to 108sims for getting me the Jungle Adventure Icons and Atreya for the tip on the Seasons icons!

Thanks to The Sims Wiki, for providing information about the game where I didn't know it first hand. Any inaccuracies or mistakes are of course to be attributed to me.