Simlish Fonts: Simdergarten and Quickjot

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Uploaded: 9th Jun 2016 at 1:09 AM
Updated: 20th Sep 2016 at 8:19 AM - New characters
Update 20 Sept 2016 - Adjusted kerning, added characters, applied section/simoleon symbol (ยง) to more currency signs.

I needed some various fonts for a few poster-esque things I wanted to make, but I like to keep everything in Simlish. So, these fonts were born! I'm very new to fontmaking, but these work well enough for me. You may have to adjust the spacing in your own programs for some glyph combinations.

Simdergarten is my attempt at a child's handwriting.

Quickjot is based on my note-taking handwriting. It's horrifying.

The ~{Sample Text}~ at the bottom reads as follows:

OMG, what the pl*m?! || 23 January 1992 || I <3 The Sims!
Franzilla quickly jots down her list of sixty-five bad pangrams.
A shy pink quail flew over the jinxed cyborg maze.
Cover Egyptian jukeboxes with frozen denim quilts.

Additional Credits:
SIMale on whose glyphs I based mine.
balboababe for the Pile of Cryaons pattern