Night Owl Trait

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Uploaded: 6th Jul 2018 at 4:51 PM
Updated: 7th Aug 2018 at 3:11 PM

~ 7/08/2018 - Added Swedish Translation, thanks to beccz96 for doing this! ~

07/07/2018 ~ Conflicts with Early Bird trait ~

I've been meaning to upload this for a while but have only now just gotten around to it. There is a Night Owl reward trait in game, but this trait lets Sims who like to stay up late have more fun with nightlife!

~ Sims with this trait have a Cheerful autonomy, so they are more likely to perform actions of Cheerful Sims ~
~ This trait works with the Seasons Update (Game Version ~


Some Sims just love the night life! Night Owls love to stay up late at night and rock it out until the early hours, but don't expect them to get up too early in the morning.


Sims with this trait gain a +4 Energized Buff from 9pm til 5am;

Sims gain a +4 Energized Buff when they go to a Bar, Karaoke Bar, Lounge or Nightclub from 9pm til 5am;

Sims have a 80% chance to gain a +3 Uncomfortable Buff between 6am and 11pm;


Whims are mainly travel based, including;

~ Travel to the Bar
~ Travel to the Club
~ Travel to the Gym
~ Travel to the Library
~ Travel to the Museum
~ Travel to the Park
~ Travel to the Arts Quarter
~ Get Out of the City


~ Mixology skill increases 2x Faster ~
~ DJ Mixing skill increases 1.5x Faster ~


~ Fun need decays 0.75x Slower ~

Additional Credits:
~ Made via Zerbu's Mod Constructor V3

~ Sims 4 Studio