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Rainproof Electronics & Servos!

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Uploaded 31st Jul 2018 at 3:39 PM · Updated Yesterday at 1:53 PM by simmytime

Compatible with the May 24, 2022 Pronouns patch.

This mod ensures that all your precious electronic items and or Servos do not break in the rain, no matter how long they are left out in the elements! They can still break via normal means though, but it won't be caused by rain. For Servos, this mod only makes them immune to rain - however if they shower or swim etc. they will still break! Obviously needs Seasons EP, or this mod is of no use. For Servos, Discover University is needed.

Yes breaking electronics in the rain is realistic, but when it rains in the middle of GeekCon and all the computers break its a nightmare! Or if you are DJing at a rooftop nightclub when suddenly rain breaks your DJ booth. Rain also breaks your retail neon signs from Get to Work, so if it rains your store's neon signs will break, until now. It is also insanely annoying everytime your Servo goes outside to garden and gets wrecked by rain.

There's two versions of this mod, please just use one!

Rainproof Electronics + Servos - electronic objects AND Servos are immune to rain. Servos are still vulnerable to showering and swimming, however.
Rainproof Electronics - only electronic objects are immune to rain. Servos remain as they are in the unmodded game (aka vulnerable to rain)

To install:
Unzip into Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods

The following resource was modified by this mod:
5B02819E 000000000002D322 object_Rain_Outside
6017E896 000000000002CCB7 buff_Sim_SeasonWeather_Hidden_Storms_Rain_Outside
6017E896 000000000002CB53 buff_Sim_SeasonWeather_Rain_HeavyRain_Outside
6017E896 000000000002CB52 buff_Sim_SeasonWeather_Rain_LightRain_Outside

Any other mod modifying this will conflict, although I didn't find any other mods that does this, hence why I made this mod myself.


Additional Credits:
The Sims 4 Studio

Type: Other

Tags: #rain, #electronics, #electronic, #computer, #break, #seasons, #weather, #geekcon, #discover university, #servo, #robot