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Uploaded: 28th Oct 2014 at 3:32 PM
Updated: 26th Jan 2015 at 6:11 PM
This makes it so that the base game tabletop TVs and small audio devices can be placed on side tables (not sure whether they go on fireplaces and dressers by default, but they now do that too). Kaboom Box, Grammyfone and InstaVision ( = the small flatscreen TV) will also go on shelves.

Because why wouldn't they?

Update 2014-12-16: Files updated for The "feetprint" package is not necessary any more now (only the other ones are) – you can use the bb.moveobjects cheat from now on to place the stuff that won't place otherwise. When re-downloading note the package has a new filename now (with version number) so make sure you delete the old one.

Update 2014-11-02: Added the Sea Captain's clock, it now also goes on shelves (separate .zip below).

Note to builders (2015-01-25): From what FakeHouses|RealAwesome posted here, downloaders still need this mod when you have used it for decorating a lot you upload, otherwise stuff on shelves will disappear. Maybe this will be fixed in some future patch (apparently just using bb.moveobjects has the same issue under some circumstances), we’ll see.

There are two packages attached below:

1. Placement:

This (electronics_basegame_placement.package) makes it so that the following devices will go on more surfaces:

– Kaboom Box
– GrammyFone
– MiniBlaster

– Penguin Vision
– Been There Watched That
– Trusty Companion
– InstaVision
– InvisiView Tabletop
– GeniusVision Tabletop

The large TVs will only go on dressers off-center (which looks rather odd) since the slots on those are different from side tables. They look fine on side tables though (can't have one without the other).

2. Feetprint: -- obsolete


Updated for, see above.
Checked for differences in, the only change I can see is four new UNKS that are all 0 so should work fine.

S4PE, Notepad++. Thanks to Snaitf for the tip and Inge for the wrappers. More discussion of flags and stuff here.