Couture Condos

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Couture Condos is accepting new residents! You have your choice between a one-bed, 1.5-bath unit or a two-bed, two-bath unit, both on the fourth floor. Building amenities include rooftop pool and greenhouse space, community laundry and gym spaces, an empty room for your hobby items, and a steam room for soothing those sore muscles. Parking in the rear of the building. All appliances upgraded. Floors 2, 3, and 4 are apartment floors. The player units are on the 4th floor. Currently the one-bedroom unit is selected as the player unit, but can be changed to the two-bed unit by moving the lot markers. Floors 2 and 3 include level skip markers to expedite travel to the the 4th floor, but these markers can be deleted if you want to get to know your NPC neighbors better!

To look like the photos you have to have the items listed below. If not, the game will replace them with comparable items. (Check out the list to see what was used where. You still may be able to download even if you're missing some things.)

To adjust lot markers on an apartment:
● Type control+shift+C
● Type "restrictbuildbuyinbuildings false" (without quotation marks) and hit enter
● Delete/move the hidden room markers in the apartment you'd like to make the player unit (DO NOT MOVE/DELETE THE COMMON ROOM MARKERS IN THE HALLWAYS)
● Add hidden room marker to apartment you don't want to live in
● Shift+click on the empty apartment door and select "Make NPC Door"
● Type control+shift+C
● Type "restrictbuildbuyinbuildings true" (without quotation marks) and hit enter

List of Items Used:

Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Price (furnished): §25,466
Lot Price (unfurnished): §10,555