Sunshine Complex

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These apartments were the ones I built for round 3 of Gummilutt's 'Apartment Mania' contest. It contains four units built and decorated with finding roommates in mind, however you can remove the decor and do whatever you want with the space. This could make a great retirement area too for elder sims.

For a full tour, you can watch this walkthrough video

I have included a residential version for those who would like to make any architectural changes before converting to an apartment lot ('changeLotZoning apartmentbase'), otherwise the 'apartment' version is ready to go as playable apartments Both are clean copies of the original before it was play tested. Please note that in some of the pictures, the chairs are scooted in and I did that manually with the move_objects on and setQuarterTilePlacement on cheats to make the pictures look nice for the contest presentation - however they are put back into regular position for the files ready for download. Also please note the pottery items displayed I placed with Huge Lunatic's extracted FT hobby pottery, so there are no sim references associated with them. I flattened the lot edges with Lot Adjustor and packaged that version for ease of placement.

The units of this complex accommodate a sim and a room mate they may find over internet or newspaper, or someone they met and think will be a good fit to live with. The roommate gets equal space to live in with equal base furnishings.

The color schemes interiors and exteriors of the complex reflect the desert sands. All kinds of Browns, Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Whites, and Blacks. The exteriors structures all are stucco in the fashion of the arid area, and because of the direct sunlight, solar panels are used in every unit's electric grid to offset rent costs.

Each unit has the same floor plan, however, bedrooms between the front and back units are oriented differently, and units on the left mirror the right's open room kitchen/dining/living floor plan. Each unit has a different dominating interior color and accents as well as decorated with objects variances and a different configuration of living room windows off the front of the unit. Each unit was also inspired by a desert animal. All units use Stucco walling exterior as well as clay and tile for their roofs and entryways.

The Sunshine Complex encourages a social atmosphere with thy neighbor. Entrances to the units are just a few steps away from the communal swimming pool, and how nice to step out on the patio and see if any of the other residences are out and about? Enjoy Saturday pizzas at the outdoor table in the shade. The eating area contains a counter and the communal garbage can for trash drops. The communal pool area has two diving boards, three lounger seating underneath umbrellas, and a towel rack.

Across from the public eating area is the mail compartments and money drop for rent.

Near the back of the property is a long cacti garden, and all entryways to the units are considered public space.

Required CC NOT included

In order for the TORROX WINDOWS/DOOR to work in game, you MUST have the master 'Moune_Torrox_Recolors_TwoStoreyWindow.rar' cc from here as the Torrox windows and door used in the lot are slaved to it.

In order to use the recolors for the TORROX DOORS, you MUST have the recolors to the master window in the file Moune_Torrox_Recolors_TwoStoreyWindow.rar

Supplemental CC/Mods

For gardening ease, I highly recommend accessible shrub trimming mod by cyjon and water inaccessible flowers by dickhurt

Since this was a mostly-cc free contest, there were hardly any vanilla desert-friendly plants for landscaping so a lot of landscaping elements are repeated. If you would like to redo the landscaping with more desert plant variety, I suggest this amazing set by macarossi @ MTS

A really handy mod that will have sims sit in seating by the TV to watch it by MogHughson

I use a rug fix by HugeLunatic, so rugs can be used off the grid and diagonal without distorting, not sure if I use it here but it's handy overall

Please enjoy and let me know if you have any issues

Lot Size: 3x5
Lot Price (furnished): 311,771

Custom Content Included:
- Torrox Door - Single Solid by moune999 @ MTS
- Torrox Window - Single Square by moune999 @ MTS
- Torrox Window - Double Short by moune999 @ MTS
- Metro Window 15 by Tiggy027 @ MTS
- Metro Window 3 by Tiggy027 @ MTS
- Univera Fence by ulmille @ MTS
- Metro Window by Tiggy027 @ MTS
- Stockade Fence Design 8 by Cooldadx4 @ MTS
- Bangkok fence by StylistSims

Additional Credits:
Cyjon and dickhurt for their gardening mods. MogHughson for their 'watch TV from any chair mod', Huge Lunatic for the Rug fix, Mootilda for her clean package installer and Lot Adjuster. Google, for helping me find all the CC links. Gummilutt for the prompt in her contest.

Number of bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: Build content only
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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