H&B PROBrew - Tea Brewer

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Uploaded: 8th May 2019 at 10:17 PM
Updated: 13th May 2019 at 2:07 PM
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What's the tea?
Hey everyone! Today H&B is introducing a new lineup: PROBrew! Over the past few months i've recieved a lot of requests for a tea brewer, even more when i released the PROBar coffee maker. It's finally time! I've designed this machine starting from a cylinder and followed the flow as i played around with 'em polys. It has a water reservoir on the right side and a tea reservoir on the left. The water lowers as the tea increases in the geostates, making it look kinda cool during the brewing animation. It will also serve as a double view to remind yourself is there's any tea left. Let's get into the detail!


- 12 Phong Diffuse textures (512 x 512);
- 12 Phong Alpha / Emission Diffuse textures (512 x 512);
- 1 Emission (512 x 512);
- 2 Normal Map (512 x 512, 4 x 4);
- 2 Specular Map (512 x 512, 256 x 256);
- 6 Custom Swatch squares (32 x 32)
- 12 Custom Swatch Thumbnails (116 x 116).

- Full name in game: H&B PROBrew - Tea Brewer
- Price: 750§
- Color Tagged correctly
- All upgrades installed when bought

Contains 6 color swatches and an alternative version of each swatch without the tea leaves inside the infuser chamber (top glass-covered space)

Polygon Counts:
These polygon counts might appear crazy at first glance, but they are divided into 4 different geometry states. Each LOD's avarage polygon count per geometry state will be stated in the first line of each LOD description.

LOD0 (High Detail): 826
- Dropshadow: 8
- Phong: 2,4k
- Phong: 32
- Phong Alpha: 968

LOD1 (Medium Detail): 508
- Dropshadow: 8
- Phong: 1,6k
- Phong: 32
- Phong Alpha: 416

Additional Credits:
Blender - Meshing.
Photoshop - Texturing.
Sims4Studio - Package editing.