Low Class Saiyan High

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School Offer:
The Low Class Saiyan High School ensures that your Saiyan teen will get a head start in the fundamental skills of the Saiyan Army... athletics and martial arts!

Things You Need:
  • Military Base

Work Tones:
  • Work Hard
  • Slack Off
  • Meet New Friends
  • Hang With Friends
  • Study Kakarot's Highlight Reels (Increases Martial Arts)
  • Put In Extra Gym Time (Increases Athletic)

Work Tone Descriptions:
  • Study Kakarot's Highlight Reels
    • Kakarot, son of the Saiyan folk hero, Bardock, has competed in Earth's World Martial Arts Tournament from childhood and well into his adulthood. He was a masterful fighter and studying his highlight reels in between classes will help you improve your martial arts skill.
  • Put In Extra Gym Time
    • Saiyan Army Trainees have to complete monthly fitness tests or take a hefty grade penalty. By putting in extra gym time now, you won't have to worry later.

Level 1 - Saiyan Army Trainee
  • Wages: None
  • School Days: M - F
  • Description:
    • If you're attending this school, you're most likely a Low-Class Saiyan. Statistically, you won't get passed the Low Class Saiyan Division so you'll be spending most of your time training your body and learning new martial art techniques.
  • Metrics:
    • Homework
    • Athletic
    • Martial Arts

  • Martial Arts Match
    • You have an upcoming match in your martial arts class. To increase your odds of winning, you should improve your martial arts skill.
  • Let's Get Physical
    • After the entire class failed the written test, your gym teacher decided to go easy on everyone. Improve your athletic skill and she'll add extra points to your test.

How to Enroll & Other Things:
  • This doesn't overwrite the default high school. So you can have one teen that goes to the default school and another that goes to this one.
  • You can enroll by clicking on the appropriate rabbit-hole (Military Base) and selecting the school.
  • You can also enroll by using a computer and choosing the Enroll in School interaction. From there your can choose the school. Once enrolled, this will replace your child/teen's default school and they'll be going there instead.
  • If you decide to re-enroll in the default school just use the Enroll in School interaction on the computer again.
  • Grades and school performance may or may not transfer.

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