Automatic Beards V4.5

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Uploaded: 7th Aug 2019 at 12:03 PM
Updated: 13th Jun 2020 at 8:26 AM
June 13 2020 added Chinese Translation
Update 6/7/2020 added Czech translation thanks to SimsCzechTeam

UPDATE 6/3/2020
Some tiny bugs squashed over the months, I don't even remember what. Added Italian translation thanks to MrXGamerPC.

requires V3 of Scumbumbo's XML Injector
Simply include the XML injector script in your main mods folder and be sure script mods are enabled in your game settings.

How the mod works
Male young adult, adult, and elder sims of your choosing will automatically grow facial hair!

To activate beard growth on a sim, click on any sink object in game and choose a beard color out of the default EA 18 colors.

Beards will grow slowly over time as in real life. There are now 2 addons to let you choose a different speed to match your game play style. I prefer the long lifespan. Just make sure the main automatic beards and the addon are in the same folder. No addon will grow beards in the normal timespan.

time to a medium beard is as follows
normal life ~3 days
short life addon ~1.5 days
long life addon ~12.5 days

Beards are assigned to the lipstick layer and will blend in with a sim's "permanent" facial hair style over time. This layering allows for interesting combinations of color and compatibility with custom content beard styles. For example a sim with a goatee will retain their goatee after shaving.

Trimming and Shaving
Sims are able to trim their beards to shorter lengths or shave at any sink. A sim can only shave stubble, so if they have a beard they will have to trim it first. The picker options will change accordingly. Sinks will get dirtier when shaving or trimming beards, clumps of hair will fall on the floor. Sometimes sims that shave might nick themselves.

If a sim can't wait for their beard to grow in, they can order Beard Growth Tonic found on the computer under "Order...". Be cautious as sim pharmaceuticals has not properly tested the tonic and it may cause side effects if not consumed properly...

Growing a beard comes with challenges, namely that of almost unbearable itchiness!! After a few days of stubble, sims with low hygiene may start to feel itchy and a bit miserable. A trim, shave, shower, or bath will bring much relief.

Elder sims will only be able to have grey or white beards. They should automatically change to grey after a while, or when traveling between lots.

also there is a 7th growth stage Wizard Beards! (I have yet to even play the new magic pack but I might integrate the wizard beard into that somehow)
Only elders can grow one, and many elders may die before they are able to. It helps for a sim to already have a beard as an adult. Of course drinking beard tonic can help accelerate things.

there are 2 new meshes included as animation props
shaving razor 94 polygons
electric razor 78 polygons

there are many CAS items, all clones of beards, but they are not to be found in CAS mode.

Additional Credits:
thanks to Scumbumbo for the awesome XML injector mod
Triplis for the update to the XML injector
and to everyone on Deaderpool's discord
and to my Patrons for their ideas and feedback

old updates

January 26 update:
Possibly fixed the red white checker problem! People without certain DLC were not seeing later stages of beards. I found that those CC beards were pointing to an EA mesh those players didn't have. Should be fixed but I can't test since I have all the DLC. As intended originally, all that's required should be the base game. I'm leaving V4.3 up in case there's an issue with V4.4.

added spanish translation thanks to VMRios

December 3 update:
Fixed beard tonic not showing on computer.

November 16 update:
Fixed for University EP

October 5 update:
added translations, only re-download if you need Portuguese, Russian, or French
thanks to:

September 29 update:
Updated to V4.1 fixed to the current gave version. Many changes within the description below. (modders: new translations likley needed)