Automatic Burn Scars 6.3b

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2017 at 10:54 AM
Updated: 17th Jun 2020 at 1:42 AM
Update June 16, 2020
alternate version that moves scars into an occult check slot as to not override freckles on sims.

Now, like my other mods, requires the XML injector mod found here: XML Injector

Update June 13, 2020 fixed French Translation, thanks Kimikosoma! Added Russian Translation thanks Origamika
Update June 11, 2020
Fixed a few tiny bugs you probably wouldn't notice. Added Cheat interactions to the SHIFT+Click menu to set various stages and remove scars.
There is now a base version and two optional addons which change the rate the scars will fade. Normal is 6 days, the addons are for 3 days or 12 days. The original mod was designed for 12 days once upon a time.

I've added a functionality to automatically add burn scars to sims after they survive a fire. This is my first XML tuning mod so there's bound to be a bug or two, but I tested quite a bit. (Many sims were burned in the making of this mod)
  • Sims now have a 33% chance of being burned on either their right side, left side, or full body. There's no coming out unscathed.
  • For over a day your sim will be miserable as their severe burns heal. They also will loose their hair!
  • After this time their hair will grow back and the scars will heal to a less red shade, closer to their original skin tone.
  • After several more days, corresponding to ~3 sim years, the scars will fade into their permanent state, a scar trait is displayed at every stage.
  • If a sim already has scars from a previous fire, they will become 100% burned.

Note: Any scars applied automatically will not show in CAS.

Update December 3, 2019
Added French Translation thanks to Kimikosoma

Update November 16, 2019
Fixed for University EP

3/7/2018 : V6 (remove and replace v5)
fixed an error with moodlet descriptions not displaying properly.

2/28/2018 : V5 (remove and replace v4)
  • children can now get burn scars
  • sims will react when seeing a severely scarred sim. Strangers will get tense, and friends and family will feel sad and sympathetic.
  • severe scars will now remove eyebrows too
special note: this version includes the CAS scars. download either the CAS stand alone or the automatic version.

2/25/2018 : REALLY FIXED for Jungle Adventure

2/20/2018 : I've done an overhaul on how the Mod works behind the scenes, and incidentally solved some bugs like scars not fading for off-lot sims. Nothing in terms of game play changed. Update to version 2 and delete V1. Sims may or may not lose their Scar traits.

12/27/2017 : New options included for a normal or long lifespan flavor, depending on your game play style. Delete the old automatic scars package.

old description
This is a body detail overlay in the freckles slot that will give your sims full body or 1/2 body scars. The scars are similar to those people would get after surviving a fire. After a sim had an unfortunate fiery accident with the transform ray, I got the idea. I was also inspired by one of my close friends who grew up with such scars. There are a few variations that work well on light skin or dark skin (or alien skin). This is my first mod since I made things for Sims 1 in 2002. Fun to be back!