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Automatic Sunburns V9.9i

by flerb Posted 21st Feb 2018 at 10:24 AM - Updated 4th Jun 2020 at 5:04 AM by flerb : update
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June 3 2020 Patch This mod seems to be working fine, mostly. The aloe vera plant will not grow (just pretend it's dormant for now) and there may be an issue with the skin cancer addon. Let me know if you get any LEs. If anything else is broken it is quiet and you may not even notice. There is a new version 9.9J on my patreon with a description of changes, mostly to the Vitamin D system. It will have the same issues mentioned here. I'm currently hard at work on version 10.
Head to my Patreon for version 9.9J beta

This mod requires V3 of Scumbumbo's XML Injector

Update December 3, 2019
Missing suntan menu fixed

Update November 16, 2019
Fixed for University EP
added Russian Translation thanks to esqdumper

Update October 19, 2019
Fixed (finally) vitamin D and NPCs by having it flat out reset whenever they get to deadly low levels. NPCs usually don't make it that low (unless you imprison them in a dungeon or something), but for some reason some NPCs start with empty vitamin D causing them to be miserable and not do their jobs.

Also there was a bug with Shady Area squares, now you can place them on floors like patios.

Update October 5, 2019
fixed an issue with vitamin D and bartenders getting stuck with 0 vitamin D and not doing their jobs. Other Service NPCs may have been affected but I have not come across any issues yet.
fixed missing blank text for the skin cancer addon for the millionth time... Hopefully for good!
added Portuguese and French translations thanks to Mandinha95_4 and Kimi44

Update September 29, 2019
There are many changes. I will overhaul the description here soon, but for now have a list:
This mod now requires Triplis update to Scumbumbo's XML injector found in the comments here

Notable changes in this version
  • Motive display: skin health and vitamin D are displayed as a motive and will change automatically when relevant. This was a HUGE struggle to get working properly and I went through many strategies of getting it to work. note: it will briefly flash and break the UI when loading a lot, or sometimes it will be offset. To fix just switch control to another sim or close and open the motive display. It should ALWAYS display either skin health or Vitamin D. If something weird happens let me know.
  • Vitamin D is no longer an addon and is nicely balanced. Let's just say I haven't seen an NPC drop dead from exhaustion in quite a while. It can still happen rarely. It should take weeks for vitamin D to drop to deadly levels.
  • Sims now get peeling skin when their sunburns go away. It's itchy! In the near future I'll be making it match the patterns of their sunburns.
  • Sunscreen and Aloe Vera juice are now found on the computer under Order>Purchase Tanning items.
  • Clothing will block less sunlight. I found other skin tanning patterns weren't happening enough and NPCs couldn't get enough Vitamin D
  • Catching some sun rays in a sims 'birthday suit' will actually work! Compatible with WW.
  • A milk honey bath will bring some soothing relief to a sim's skin.
  • A swimsuit pattern selector for female sims. Now you can have their tan patterns more closely resemble their actual suits. You can find it by clicking on any female sim at anytime and choosing "Set Bathing Suit Style"
  • There are now different SPFs of sunscreen that work approximately how they would in reality.
    SPF 30 will still show visible sunscreen on the nose and is the strongest, your sim may never tan.
    SPF 15 is weaker yet after spending ALL day outside will likley only result in a light tan, a few days on the beach with sunscreen and they might get a golden tan. Be sure to re-apply!
    SPF 6 is tanning lotion, a very weak form so that a sim can lay out and achieve a light tan or golden tan in a shorter time.
  • All NPCs wearing bathing suits will be wearing the equivalent of SPF 15 so that they don't roast to death as they NPC around the beach.
  • You can buy sunscreen from the computer and also now the Beach Provisions Shack.
  • I have removed all shade from trees and patio furniture as every update it became difficult to keep track of changes. Instead, there are now Shady Area squares that can be placed wherever you want shade. Search for "Flerb" in buy mode and you'll find them. They work just like the Sunny Area squares, place the visible color and use R to swap to the invisible color. Note the shade they cast is not perfect but 90% of sunlight will be blocked.
  • I felt that the tans and sunburns were too strong looking and have toned them down a bit. I've also tweaked with the strength of how different clothing categories effect sun exposure.
  • Light Tans will now take 2x as long to fade away.
  • Possibly fixed NPCs issues with vitamin D. Bartenders, for example, were too exhausted to bartend but wouldn't leave the lot... It's still buggy. feel free to report any problems to me.

I've created a Patreon page if you love my mods and want donate or see what additions are coming, please visit!
I've put so much work into this mod and am very proud to share it with my fellow sim enthusiasts!

Brief Description
Quite simply, sims of all ages (well not the baby) will automatically get tans, sunburns, or worse when exposed to sunlight!
It is possible for sims that spend a lifetime in the sun get skin cancer with the skin cancer addon.
If a reclusive sim in their dungeon doesn't see the sun for a week, they will start to show signs of vitamin D deficiency.
There are many factors that come into play that alter this dynamic including clothing, weather, shade from objects, and more!
In the zip you will find the main mod and some addons. Leave it all there if you want the full mod, or remove the addons as you wish.

How it Works
Any Human sim with the default Human trait now will change in appearance depending on how much time they spend in or out of the sun.
This was originally based on the vampire functionality which allows vampires to be hurt in the sunlight.
This little chart shows the pattern of getting tanned or burned and the recovery:

There are 4 types of CAS skin details, tans, golden tans, sunburns, and lobster red skin for males and females.
For each type there are 4 clothing groups that will burn in different patterns. Children and toddler sims share the same unisex pattern.
Overall that comes to 4x4x2+4 =36 CAS swatches. I've color coded the CAS swatches because I care about you all, and also for my own sanity.
For example, a Female sunburn with a hot weather clothing pattern is sunburn red, pink for female, and orange for hot-weather:

There are 3 levels of sunlight throughout the day:
  • morning light at 38% intensity
  • high and bright mid day sun at 100% intensity
  • evening light 38% intensity
  • and of course no sun at night.
  • However, you might find a sim that spends too many nights in the dark gets exposed to some cosmic phenomena!
  • sunrise and sunset times are different in each world, and sometimes don't seem to sync up with the actual world lighting. This mod just follows EA's rules.

Things that affect sunlight
  • Sunscreen: If a sim applies sunscreen (bought on the computer under order... medicine) they can block much of those UV rays.
    Sunscreen has a nice aroma other sims will react to. A sim wearing sunscreen will still tan, albeit much slower, and will eventually get a golden tan instead of a sunburn.
  • Aloe:Drinking Medicinal Aloe Vera Juice from the computer 'order medicine' menu or harvesting your own Aloe Vera plant
    leaves (Aloe seeds found in buy mode) can help to reduce the discomfort and accelerate the healing of those uncomfortable red sunburns, but it does nothing for tans.
  • Shade: If a sim steps under a shady roof, or inside the sun exposure stops and sunburns and tans begin fade.
    Use shady area squares found in build mode (search Flerb) to have trees or other objects cast shade.
  • Sunburn Immunity Trait:Sims with this free reward trait will tan very slowly, but will never get sunburns. Perfect for some with darker skin tones. Click on any sim to toggle it on of off.

Seasons introduced us to hot weather and cold weather clothing categories. Different groups of clothing categories will burn sims with different skin patterns.
For example, a sim wearing a cold weather outfit will only get burned on their face and neck, while a sim in their bathing suit will get nearly full body coverage.
Different clothing categories block the sunlight so a sim wearing a bathing suit burns faster than a sim wearing their everyday clothing.

Each clothing group blocks a different percentage of sunlight:
  • 0% blocked > swimsuit (nude?)
  • 66% blocked > everyday, formal, party, pajamas
  • 50% blocked > hot weather, athletic
  • 75% blocked > cold weather

With 4 clothing groups and 4 levels of skin detail, things get a little complicated to explain, but I'll try. In short, if a sim gets a tan or sunburn while wearing a
certain outfit category, that pattern will persist as their tans recover. If they are wearing a different clothing category while hitting a higher level of tan or sunburning it will replace the pattern with a new one.
So a sim with an unfortunate farmer's tan can put on some sunblock, get outside in their bathing suit, and even it out!
All you really need to know is, your sims will start to look ridiculous and when they think they're all alone in their bathing suit at home you can laugh at their tan lines.

Seasons makes the sims world dynamic. Different types of weather will affect the UV light emanating from the sun.
These are multiplied by the time of day intensity and the clothing a sim is wearing.
a sim in a swimsuit will receive these amounts of sunlight:
  • 100% sunny days
  • 80% partially cloudy days
  • 20% overcast days (yep UV light comes right through clouds)
  • 180% sun snow (all that snow reflects nearly double the UV light)
  • 0% when there's any falling rain or snow.

While making this mod I based it on realistic data for an accurate simulation. As I researched I was surprised to learn each time someone gets a sunburn,
their chances of getting skin cancer go up by about 10%!! Children who get sunburned nearly increase the risk by 20% with each sunburn. So I've incorporated skin cancer
into this mod as another challenge in gameplay. There are 5 levels of risk a sim can have. You'll see it appear as skin spots, or sun spots on sims.
The more apparent the spots become the higher their risk. As they age the risk goes up as well. A teen with a high risk may only have a 2% chance, but when they age that risk gets higher and higher.
In the end there's a chance your sim will increase their risk of dying from skin cancer if they get sunburned too many times in life.
Here's Carrie, my test subject, looking at her skin spots:

Vitamin D
And finally, as if all that wasn't enough, I added a vitamin D system! I based the numbers of real world data, if a sim stays out of the sun for 14 days they will develop a vitamin D deficiency. Symptoms are sometimes sadness, dizziness, but always fatigue. If their levels get too low beyond that they can die from exhaustion. In the fall and winter when rainy days are abundant, if your sim runs into trouble with vitamin D, it might be a real challenge to find some sunlight. Maybe that's a good time for a vacation? Don't worry tho, it only takes a short time in the sun to recover, about the same time it takes to tan.

Flerb Sunny Area Squares
This allows you to activate sunny areas on porches and indoors.
I found the game turns the sun off on porches, under glass roofs, any roof for that matter. So I created little carpet squares that will activate the sunlight when sims are near them!
Right now I made then only produce 50% of full sunlight. They will still be affected by clothing and weather conditions.

You'll find them under build mode with carpets. There are two swatches, one an obnoxious pink for placing, and a transparent version.
I would recommend placing the pink visible ones first, then using the design tool (hit R) to change them to transparent.
Any sim within a 2 square radius will start feeling the sun after a few seconds, so you don't have to be very precise with their placement.
Place them on porches, under glass roofs, on pools, and even indoors by windows. See the gallery images for examples. (Or maybe even in a basement with mirrors and high voltage lamps for the mad scientist types )

The future
In the future I will be adding more to this mod, things like tanning bed objects, sunlamps, towels to lay out on etc. Follow my new Patreon to stay up to date, or share your ideas.

overrides and requirements
this mod overrides a few XML tunings and objects.
185980 buff_Sim_Weather_Hidden_Cloudy

It partially overrides all food and drink stands.
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