Sim Valley Community School(NoCC)

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Uploaded: 2nd Dec 2019 at 5:36 PM
Sim Valley Community School was built in Bigger Builder's Island an playtested in Sunset Valley.

These are package file lots- Place in your library folder.

This is a two part creation. Sim Valley Community School by itself on a 50x25 lot. The other file is the Sim Valley Community School plus an athletic field on a 50x50 lot. Download either one or both.

Sim Valley Community School by itself costs- 297985 furnished. 193465 unfurnished.

Sim Valley Community School + Sports Field costs- 346436 furnished. 237547 unfurnished.

This is decorative building that can be used for your storytelling but can also be used as a school in your world( the children will use the school rabbit hole in the basement). The lot type is No Visitors Allowed.

Note- Move objects cheats were used in this creation. The terrain paint may shift slightly if your lot has a different orientation and you may need to do some slight repainting.

There is no custom content with this creation but optional links to some that may be useful for you may be found here:

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Lot Size: 50x25
Lot Price (furnished): 297985
Lot Price (unfurnished): 193465

Custom Content by Me:
- school building
- school building + athletic field

Additional Credits:
Thanks to M4B group for their input on this creation. Thanks to Mod the Sims for providing a platform to share creations.