Spells and Curses Test Dummy

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Uploaded: 30th Apr 2020 at 8:29 PM
Updated: 30th Apr 2020 at 11:43 PM
UPDATE 4/30/20: I realized after I submitted it that the sims weren't having fun while training! This has been fixed, as well as the speed at which the witch or warlock's alignment changes. This change does not apply to the 'skill only' version.

This download is an object with the interaction to practice witch and warlock spells that are typically cast on other sims. There were some spells that I found I never used in the game, like 'Tabula Rasa' to clear a sims memories, and it was boring to just put my sim in front of a book to learn their skills and change their alignment. Now your sims can train their magic safely and with no lasting effects on this test dummy, which will have effects and animations after the spell is cast. The sim can choose between Good Spells, Neutral Spells, Evil spells, and a new set of spells called Dueling Spells that are only usable on the test dummy. After attempting to cast the spell, it will either succeed or fail, and the sim will react accordingly. Sometimes a failed spell means it backfires on the sim! Don't worry, there are no lasting effects if this happens.

I've also included recolor files to give the dummy a change of clothes. I used the Good, Neutral, and Evil clothing that the sims wear.

Find it in Misc>Misc>Spells and Curses Test Dummy ($300)

There are 2 different .zip folders available depending on what you'd like the test dummy to do. If you want your sims to increase their magic skill AND change their alignment after using Good/Evil spells, download 'hmiller61615_witchtestdummy'. If you'd only like the sim to gain skill, but not have their alignment change after using Good/Evil spells, download the one labeled as '(skill-only)'. Both versions have different GUIDs, so if you want, you can have both used in the game at the same time.

The list of Spells they can train with are as follows:

Good Spells:
-Benemoodus Simae
-Remedis Simae
-Compello Acceptus
-Macto Amicus
-Expello Mortis
-ALL good spells, the sim will randomize all the good spells, one after the other.

Neutral Spells:
-Corpus Athleticus
-Corpus Fleshicus
-Magus Mutatio
-ALL neutral spells, the sim will randomize all the neutral spells, one after the other.

Evil Spells:
-Mellifera Attackum
-Spiritus Poultria
-Heavus Ho
-Tabula Rasa
-Servantus Attackum
-Compello Discrepo
-Extractum Amorus
-ALL evil spells, the sim will randomize all the evil spells, one after the other.

Dueling Spells: (new, only can be used on the test dummy)
-Ward (sim creates a magic shield)
-Disarm (sim casts a generic spell and the dummy reacts)
-Rebound (as the dummy animates, the sim casts a blocking spell which rebounds back onto the dummy)
-Bladder Buster (the dummy's bladder motive is red)
-Knockout (the dummy's energy motive is red)
-Thunderbolt (the dummy gets shocked)
-ALL dueling spells, the sim will randomize all the dueling spells, one after the other

Sims that are not witches or warlocks will not see the above options. Instead, they will only see the option to 'Fence with Cutlass' using the animation of fighting with the pirate dummy on the pirate ship.

The mesh and textures for the dummy were taken from maxis objects and tweaked by me. Polygon counts:
Dummy (FaceCount=1820, VertexCount=1440)
Hat (FaceCount=342, VertexCount=216)

This requires the expansion packs Bon Voyage (to use the test dummy animations from the Pirate Ship), Apartment Life (for the witch spells and effects), and Freetime (for various effects).

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