Townie Fixes

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Uploaded 16th Dec 2020 at 11:07 PM · Updated 17th Dec 2020 at 11:43 PM by simler90 : UPDATE 1

This mod fixes certain issues with Townies.

- The game can't recognize Garden Club members as Townies in many parts of the game, such as forgetting to give them CAS Want histories, or not being able to properly process OFB lot sales if the customer is a Garden Club member. This mod fixes that.
- There is a Maxis oversight which makes it so that when the game creates a new non-Downtownie Townie, the game always creates the Townie with 500 Creativity points. This has been fixed.

UPDATE 1: The game will now give Hobby Instructors CAS Want histories, too. Thanks to Gabby2805 for the suggestion.

Requirements: Apartment Life.
Function - Main - Give Townies Want Histories/0x7F01EC29/0x00002349
Family - Is Townie?/0x7FD46CD0/0x00000676
NPC - Tuning/0x7FD46CD0/0x0000014E

Type: Global Mods

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