Butler Mod

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Uploaded: 20th Feb 2021 at 10:30 PM
Updated: 12th Jun 2021 at 9:23 PM - UPDATE 4
UPDATE 4: I have found out that Maxis didn't add a proper "on duty" check to the butler's scanning for burglars and calling the police code, meaning that if a burglar NPC appears on your lot as a visitor, then the butler is immediately pushed to call the police, even though the burglar isn't burgling. This update fixes this oversight.

UPDATE 3: This update adds a few additional checks to the mod. Sims who are asleep, but who have lower than -70 Hunger will still be considered by the butler, because they are going to wake up soon as a result of low hunger. The butler won't consider burglar NPCs who are off-lot when the game checks if the butler should call the police. Butlers won't greet furious walk-bys. There is also a separate issue with cleaning dishes that may affect certain NPCs including butlers, but in order to fix that you need to download my Cleaning Mod (UPDATE 21 and later).

UPDATE 2: Butlers can now serve grilled food and desserts, but they have a lower chance of cooking those types of food. I also came across an interesting oversight by Maxis. When a butler starts trimming shrubs or pulling weeds, the game is normally supposed to prevent the shrubs or weeds from pushing the butler to continue gardening, so that the butler's own code can properly push the butler to garden. Maxis forgot to add these checks to gardening. I have added the necessary checks to shrubs and weeds in my Gardening Route Mod (UPDATE 2 and higher), which you should considering downloading.

UPDATE 1: Butlers won't try to serve group servings of single serving meals now. Butlers also won't consider the hunger motive of Plantsims, because they don't have that motive.


This mod fixes certain issues with the Butler NPC from Apartment Life, and also adds new features.

- When a butler attempts to serve food and if there is no food left in the fridge the butler interacts with, the game makes the butler call for groceries. From that moment onwards, the butler is prevented from cooking food until the butler restocks a fridge (any fridge) with the market basket. The problem here is that the game only allows the butler to start cooking again if it was the butler who restocked the fridge. If anybody else restocks, the butler will only be able to continue cooking the next time they arrive on the lot. This mod fixes that.
- When a butler considers serving food, the game checks to see if there is available food on the lot, and if so prevents the butler from cooking more. This mod prevents the butler from considering for-sale food and food within a display as available food. In addition, if there is no available food, the butler starts cooking if there is one family member whose hunger motive is below 50%. This mod makes the butler consider the hunger motive of greeted guests, and not consider Servos. Also, I added an interesting feature to the butler's cooking code. Butlers don't consider the hunger motive of sleeping sims any more, but if the sleeping sim's energy motive is 75 or higher, then they will consider their hunger motive. If the sleeping sim is a Plantsim, then their Sunshine motive is checked.
- There is an issue which sometimes makes the butler drop whatever they are doing in order to cook, then the cook interaction gets dropped and the butler attempts to continue whatever they were doing at which point the game forces the butler to stop that interaction in order to cook, which goes on forever. This mod fixes this issue.


Feed Pets: This add-on allows the butler and apartment nannies to feed pets. However, Maxis made it so that whenever a butler or apartment nanny fills a pet bowl, the game charges the butler/nanny rather than the current family. This has been fixed, but this meant modifying every pet food dish individually. This means that if you have custom pet bowls, you will need to update them yourself. You need to replace the "CT - Charge for Fill" resource of the custom object with the one from this add-on (Group: 0x7FF5C163, Instance: 0x00001004). If you also happen to have the Auto Pet Feeder Pet Stories conversion, you additionally need to replace the resource called "Interaction - Fill Bowl - NPC - Test" of the conversion object with the one from this mod. For the Auto Pet Feeder, you may also want to modify the resource called "Eat Tuning" and change the value for "Price per fill" to 40, so that it costs 4 times more than regular pet food dishes to fill the Auto Pet Feeder, because it has 3 refills in addition to the bowl itself, meaning sims effectively fill 4 bowls rather than one.
UPDATE 1: Fixed a Maxis oversight that had the potential to cause a very rare error. Thanks to TheDarkLady in the comments section for notifying me.

You need the latest version of 7zip or WinRAR to get this mod.

Requirements: Apartment Life and/or M&G.

Butler - Groceries Delivered/0x7F9A5330/0x00002095
CT - Restock - Market Basket/0x7F9A5330/0x00002037
Hours (should be same as in NPC constants)/0x7F1110B8/0x00001002
Sub - Is Food Already Available?/0x7F1110B8/0x0000100F
Sub - Scan - Hunger/0x7F1110B8/0x00001006
Sub - Scan Loop/0x7F1110B8/0x00001005
Sub - Select Food Menu/0x7F1110B8/0x00001010