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Uploaded: 19th Jun 2020 at 4:34 PM
Updated: 11th May 2021 at 1:06 PM
Share Hobby Tips Fix: There is a problem with the Share Hobby Tips interaction. Maxis wanted to make it so that Sim A can only initiate this interaction towards Sim B if Sim B is a member of the currently controlled family, or is a greeted visitor, but they made a mistake which prevents the game from properly checking to see if Sim B is a greeted visitor. This is why sims can never share hobby tips with visitors. This mod fixes this problem.

Share Hobby Tips Rel Mod: This mod makes it so that when Sim A is sharing hobby tips with Sim B, the game increases both sims' relationship towards each other every loop.
UPDATE 1: Before this update, sims also increased their LTR by +1 every loop, which is not a good idea, because it allows sims to become best friends extremely quickly. Sims won't increase their LTR any more.
UPDATE 2: This mod now also prevents other sims from initiating autonomous social interactions towards the sim who is sharing hobby tips. Normally, I would've added this to my Social Auto Mod, but it would conflict with this mod.

You need the latest version of 7zip or WinRAR to get this mod.

Requirements: Apartment Life

Resources: Social - Hobby - Share Tips - TEST/0x7F01EC29/0x00002511