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Children Can Cook

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Uploaded: 2nd Aug 2021 at 9:18 PM
Updated: 20th Feb 2022 at 12:28 AM
Check out Cepzid's version of this mod on her Patreon !

Compatible with latest game version 1.84.171

This mod allows your child sims to cook / grill / bake anything! After the latest game update that came with "Cottage Living", children obtained the ability to cook (finally!). Unfortunately, they could only do it with the "help" of a teen or older (through group cooking).

Thanks to this mod, all cooking interactions are unlocked for children! This mod is an updated and improved version of necrodog's "Kids can use the stove scripts" and "Baking,home, gourmet cookin skills for kids and use them grill and cupcake machine.".

Updated for latest game version 1.77.146
Children can Cook, Have or Serve anything (It works even Off-The-Grid!). They can also cook a Grand Meal!
If you own Get To Work, children can also Bake.

Additionally, cooking skills have been unlocked for children (Homestyle cooking, gourmet cooking and baking). Resume and clean interactions for unfinished meals have also been unlocked.

UPDATED 04/08/2021:
Added autonomous cooking for children
New cooking interactions:
  • Canning (Requires Cottage Living)
  • Pet Recipes (Requires Cats and Dogs)
  • Cauldron (Requires Realm of Magic)
  • Hot Pot (Requires Snowy Escape)
  • Tea Maker
  • Coffee Maker
Children can drink tea and coffee


  1. Download mod files according to what packs you have:
    • If you own ALL required packs (see required packs below!), download sparklymari_ChildrenCook.rar
    • Otherwise, download sparklymari_ChildrenCook_SPLIT.rar and remove the .package files for the game packs you DON'T own (or export ONLY the packages you need)

Your child sims should be able to cook anything by themselves.


Original mods by necrodog:
Kids can use the stove scripts (last updated December 2016)
Baking,home, gourmet cookin skills for kids and use them grill and cupcake machine. (last updated December 2016)

PACKS USED (Can be Basegame-only):
Get To Work
Cats and Dogs
Cottage Living
Realm of Magic
Snowy Escape


Known Issues:
  • Your child sim will sometimes stretch out. Luckily, with the cooking update children now have new cooking animations, so the stretching issue has been greatly reduced (they will only stretch occasionally for certain animations).
  • Sometimes the child sim may suddenly stop cooking. I am not sure what causes this, but it is quite a rare occurrence. To fix it, simply click on "Resume ..." and let the sim continue cooking.

Tested on a Windows 10 computer with game version 1.84.171!

Additional Credits: