Couple Sit Poses

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Uploaded: 14th Oct 2021 at 2:01 AM
Updated: 28th Feb 2022 at 3:39 PM
Poses for couples, sitting and interacting on a couch. In this set, the couple seems to be close in relationship.
I have included poses for high back and low back couches to give you options.

*17 poses included
*pose list compatible


a_bmit_couplesit1 hand on shoulder of pose 2
a_bmit_couplesit2 hand on lap of pose 1
a_bmit_couplesit3 hand on lap of pose 4
a_bmit_couplesit4 hand on face of pose 3
a_bmit_couplesit5 holding hands with pose 6
a_bmit_couplesit6 holding hand of pose 5
a_bmit_couplesit7 talking to pose 8
a_bmit_couplesit7b holding hand of pose 8
a_bmit_couplesit8 goes with pose 7 and 7b
a_bmit_couplesit9 sitting on floor goes with pose 10
a_bmit_couplesit10 giving massage to pose 9
a_bmit_couplesit11a legs over pose 12a, use on high back couches
a_bmit_couplesit11b legs over pose 12b, use on low back couches
a_bmit_couplesit13 giving massage sitting on top of pose 14
a_bmit_couplesit14 lying on couch getting massage from pose 13