Hold Me -- Couple's Poses

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Uploaded 7th Aug 2011 at 5:15 AM · Updated 26th Aug 2011 at 7:36 PM by spladoum

STOP! Do you have a Pose Player? If you don't, go here and get one. Poses are unusable without a Pose Player, so if you skip this step now, you'll be sorry!

*Compatible with the "Pose List" feature of the newest Pose Player!*

Need some lovin'? Good, it's lazy snuggle time! A small set of three couple's poses.

Pose tags are as follows:

a_splad_huggable1 -- male pose, sitting on the counter
a_splad_huggable2 -- female pose, standing in front of the counter
a_splad_huggable3 -- male pose, sitting on the couch
a_splad_huggable4 -- female pose, lying down on the couch
a_splad_huggable5 -- male pose, lying on the bed
a_splad_huggable6 -- female pose, lying on the bed

You will have use "moveobjects on" to place the sims in position. Once you cancel, the sim will stand in the middle of the counter, couch, or bed as though it were an object. This is okay! Just direct the sim to walk away and all will be well.

If you use an OMSP, Poses 1 and 2 may work on other surfaces, like a fence or a dresser, though Sim 1's hands will likely be ... higher. Please also note the types of shirts that poses 1 and 2 work well with. Shirts with bigger meshes, like the layered "Generations" tops, will likely experience mild clipping.

Renee's clothes are all from Late Night. Renee's hair is from the High End Loft Stuff Pack. Matthew's shirt is from Generations. Matthew's jeans are from Late Night.

Additional Credits:
Additional Credits:
Cmomoney for the incredible Pose Player
OrangeMittens for the excellent "Creating Your Own Custom Poses" tutorial
WesHowe for the AnimTool
Mesher for the AM rigs
Inge Jones for S3PE and the rest of the Sims community at large for assistance and encouragement.