Apartment Life Door Default Replacement [updated!]

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Uploaded 20th Jul 2021 at 7:17 PM · Updated 28th Nov 2021 at 7:04 PM by vegan_kaktus

An anon was looking for Sunni’s “Apartment Life Door Without Doormat” over at sims2packrat, and I’ve been looking for that door as well but since I couldn’t find it I edited EA’s original door and while I was at it, made some mat defaults :-)

For some reason, the door has various GMDCs and the resource I replaced only contains the ground shadow. In other words; this default probably won’t conflict with any mesh nor texture defaults for the door itself.

I replaced every doormat but the black, blue, grey, orange and zebra ones because I personally think they are quite cute.

Edit 2021-07-30: added custom versions of my default mats for anon! :-)
Edit 2021-11-28: I updated my invisible mat recolor, now it doesn’t contain an empty texture! Please re-download :-D (thank you deedee for the help!)

You can choose between separate and merged files, and they have all been compressed to reduce file size. Remember Apartment Life is required for this default, and you can only have one default for one mat at a time (one for the pink, one for the goth and so on).

No files in this download are dependent on each other, so feel free to pick and choose! (though I would say my mesh default is “needed" for the invisible recolor since I personally don’t see why you would want to use it without the default but you do you). Please let me know if I messed up somewhere!

I also recommend grabbing these beautiful recolors by keoni-chan!

Credits: atrafloor, nancywolff, aprintaday, Regina Casaleggio, aomam, veronica nerissa, IngaLinder and lastly EA.