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Deadly Spellcasting Duels

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Uploaded: 7th Dec 2021 at 1:14 PM
I was very excited to find out that Witch sims can duel each other in The Sims 3: Supernatural pack, but disappointingly, other than giving both duellists a slight boost to their hidden Spellcasting skill and giving a positive or negative moodlet to the respective winner and loser, there wasn't much to the interaction other than a flashy light show.

This mod changes that: Now, depending on which variation of the mod you install, whenever two Witch Sims duel each other in the "Challenge to Spellcasting Duel" option (that requires that both Witches be at least Level 3 in the hidden Spellcasting skill), the loser of the duel will suffer a negative consequence.

This video shows two of the options in action: (Incineration and Knockout)

Below are the ten different options for the mod, and their respective consequences for the loser of a duel.
    The loser of the duel is burned to death. In the event of a draw, both duellists are singed instead.
    The loser of the duel is banished from this realm and is never seen again.
    *(Requires the Into the Future expansion pack)
    The loser of the duel is knocked out for ten minutes and will feel nauseous when they wake up.
    The loser of the duel is afflicted with the Pestilence Plague for two days.
    The loser of the duel is inflicted with the Mummy's Curse, and will die within two weeks if not cured.
    *(Requires the World Adventures expansion pack)
    The winner of the duel steals the magical powers of the loser. The winner is infused with magical energy and for three hours and will be immune to the effects of the Pestilence Plague and Zombification while the loser loses all of their supernatural powers and becomes a regular human, as well as remaining angry for the next twelve hours.
    *(Requires the Generations and Into the Future expansion packs)
    The loser of the duel is tormented by horrifying and nightmarish visions, and will spend the next six hours being terrified.
    The mind of the loser of the duel is hurled through space and time. The loser will have some of their traits randomly changed, however this change can be averted if they visit the hospital within 24 hours.
    *(Requires the Into the Future expansion pack)
    The mind of the loser of the duel is shattered. The losing sim will be in a permanent state of anger and may act erratically from time to time.
    *(Requires the Into the Future expansion pack)
    The loser of the duel is trapped in a frozen, crystalline state for one whole day.

All of the mods require that you have The Sims 3: Supernatural, but a small number of them require either Generations, World Adventures or Into the Future to work.

Whichever mod variation you choose is up to you and how dangerous you want your duels to be. If you want the loser to pay the ultimate price (i.e. their life) then choose Incineration or Banishment. Choose Knock Out if you just want the loser to sleep it off for a bit or Pestilence if you want them to get sick. It's up to you.

In terms of conflicts, the mod alters the “Buffs” XML, specifically the WonASpellcastingDuel, LostASpellcastingDuel and DrawnASpellcastingDuel moodlets.

I hope you enjoy the added tension and stakes this mod adds to your duels.