Default Protein Smoothie

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Uploaded: 12th Feb 2022 at 10:42 AM
I was playing Isabella Monty who is a retired chef and when she pulled out the Free Time protein drink can out of the fridge. (picture of that included) I was like no way, a retried chef would never drink that, they would make themselves a smoothie.

Since there were no modern protein smoothie defaults gdayars made a clear glass with white textured drink for me to recolour.
You can find the original on her WordPress here: This is the white default if you want something like a vanilla and coconut smoothie.

I made five recolours but like all defaults you can only have one in game at a time. You can of course swap them around whenever you like, including the white version.

My recolours include Banana, Chocolate, Mixed berry, Healthy Greens and Mango.
These will replace the Maxis can. To regain the can simply pull the default.

Healthy Greens -could be anything in there...

To use
A sim must be a teen or older with at least 5 points of enthusiasm in fitness.
Then Protein Shake will show up in the "Have a Snack" section of the refrigerator's menu.
You also of course need the Free Time expansion.

Textures: Came from a puree fruit manufacturers sales page.

This is a new mesh of just 200 polys.