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More Radio Channels

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Uploaded: 4th May 2022 at 10:38 AM
Updated: 27th Jan 2023 at 2:08 PM
Edit 12/07: I have updated all the channels to make the names appear when the game is not set in English.

All these channels have been generated using the Sims 4 Radio Channel Generator.

Getting tired of the limited number of stereo channels? Want something new to listen to? Then you're at the right place! I will be providing fully functional custom channels. What does fully functional mean? Well, basically, once it is installed, there will be no difference with the original channels, you won't be able to tell them apart!
- Available on every stereo object in game, including custom ones not made by me
- Also available on hot tubs, earbuds, water scooters, skating rings, and smart hubs
- Listen alone or with your guests
- Select the new channels as liked or disliked in Create A Sim
- Custom icons for each channel
- Notifications to gain like or dislike preferences depending on your Sim's mood
- Get the usual "That's My Jam!" Happy+2 Buff when listening to liked channels
- Get the usual "Not My Tempo" Tense+2 Buff when listening to disliked channels
- Get the like and dislike overhead reactions while listening to liked and disliked channels
- Unlock the "Enthuse about [channel name]" interaction for some time after listening to liked music
- Unlock the "Complain about [channel name]" interaction for some time after listening to disliked music
- If you don't have the same taste in music as me, that's not a problem: just go to the Game Options and disable my tracks!
- After starting the game once, you will find folders for each new channel in the usual Custom Music folder, so add your own!

You will find one zip file for each channel I provide, so you can pick only the ones you are interested in, and so the files are not too big for download, as they include the music. The list of tracks for each channel is available in the first comment, I am keeping it up to date, so you can have a look before downloading.

For now, the available channels are:
- Anime OST
- Arabic
- Broadway [non dance-able]
- Cartoon OST [non dance-able]
- Choral [non dance-able]
- Church [non dance-able]
- Disney (EN) [non dance-able]
- Disney (FR) [non dance-able]
- Fiddle
- Flamenco
- French Variety 2000's [non dance-able]
- French Variety 60's 70's [non dance-able]
- French Variety 80's 90's [non dance-able]
- Ghibli OST [non dance-able]
- Hindi
- K.K. Slider
- Klezmer [available on DJ booths]
- K-Pop
- Liturgical [non dance-able]
- Lofi Hip-Hop [non dance-able]
- Memes
- Nightcore - Love
- Nightcore - Motivational [available on DJ booths]
- Nightcore - Sad
- Quran [non dance-able]
- Reggae
- Symphonic [non dance-able]
- Video Game OST [non dance-able]

I will keep making new ones and uploading them here once they are ready!
The other channels I have planned for now are: Celtic, Country, Epic, Fantasy, Funny, Gospel, High Baroque, J-Pop, Movie OST and RnB. Stay Tuned!
If you would like something else, I can take requests in the comments, as long as you understand it takes time and don't get impatient with me! I'm doing this for fun, I don't want to get stressed over it!
Also let me know which channel should be next!

- Download the zip files of the channels you are interested in, and unzip them into your mod folder
- Download my Custom Channel Injector mod, which is what allows the channels to actually show up on the stereo objects, and put the TS4SCRIPT file in your mod folder as well
- Done! It's that easy!

You do not need to worry about all the explanations for the injector, these are for people creating channels. To install these, you really only need to download it and put it in the mod folder. There is a test package that comes with the injector (ChannelsInjectorTest.package), you can delete this file, it is not needed for the channels.

In case of any issues, leave a comment and I will help. The injector is still kind of new, so I do not know yet if there are clashes with existing mods etc. In theory it is compatible with any custom stereo and any mod overriding related tuning files, but that still depends on whether or not the other mods took precautions to avoid clashes. If you get an exception or if it doesn't work, please leave a comment with as many details as you can so I can have a look!