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[Alpha] Spirituality Custom Game Pack

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Uploaded: 9th Oct 2022 at 11:15 AM
Updated: 4th Nov 2022 at 1:11 PM
Update 04/01/11: Corrected the "Script call failed" issue when placing the new venue speakers.

Update 22/10/2022: Added Arabic Calligraphy as a painting style (see images) and got rid of all tuning overrides.

Please read for instructions and warnings

I have been working for several months now on a pretty big project that is meant to add the 3 main monotheistic religions into the game, along with gameplay elements around spirituality in general for people who do not wish to follow a specific religion.

It is still a work in progress, the main aspiration (and everything needed for it) is basically the only thing that is ready, the religions themselves have not been implemented yet. But you can already download and test what I have so far.

Here is what is included:

- Mood: "Spiritual", can be obtained by "Taking a Meditative Shower", or by selecting "Devotional" in the "Surge Emotion" interaction

- Venues: Church, Mosque, and Synagogue, each with their associated religious leader NPC

- Skills: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, each of those have their 3 skill books, and a computer interaction to study (under the Spirituality category); note that these skills are meant to represent theoretical knowledge, not beliefs or actual practice (like the Vampire Lore skill, you can learn it without being a vampire or wanting to be one, my intentions are the same with the religious skills)

- Religious traits: Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, Theist (the last one is intended for people who want some kind of spiritual experience without joining an actual religion)

- Other traits: Awakened (by choosing the new aspiration in CAS, makes the new skills go up faster), Found his/her Spirituality (from completing the aspiration, does nothing for now, will be done later on)

- Aspirations: "Find Your Own Path", this aspiration will take your Sim on a spiritual journey, observing nature, meditating, researching and finally deciding between one of the 5 options. The Atheist and Theist traits can be obtained by joining an association on the computer, and for the other 3 you need to speak to the corresponding religious leader at level 5 of the corresponding skill (Medium friendship required).

- Interactions: 2 interactions possible with religious leaders ("Ask to Clarify" and "Discuss Doubts"), and 2 other ones with any other Sims ("Discuss Spirituality" and "Discuss the Beauty of Nature", these require medium friendship), + a temporary "Leave religion" interaction on the computer that removes the religious traits

- Zone Modifiers: "Holy", makes the new skills go up faster

- Objects: Prayer Mats (needed for the Mosques), and 2 venue wall speakers (Quran and Church, though I will change the music of the Church one later)

- Radio channels: Quran and Church

- Whims: Some new whims related to the aspiration, I'm honestly not sure if they work, since they appear randomly I cannot really test it, let me know if you see them please!

- Painting Style: Arabic Calligraphy (4 small, 4 medium, 4 large). While the paintings represent Arabic words, I have been careful keeping it non-religion-specific. While most are expressions regularly used by Muslims, there are no mentions of anything specific to Islam (see translations in the image). There is often some confusion about this, but in case anyone doesn't know, the word "Allah" is not a name, but simply the word for "God" in the Arabic language, just like French people would say "Dieu", and Spanish people "Dios". If speaking Arabic, Christians and Jews would also use the word "Allah" to refer to God, and all the expressions I used here can apply to any monotheistic religion. So, whatever your Sim's religion is supposed to be, making them do calligraphy or hanging some on walls would not go against their beliefs.

It should work whatever language your game is set to use, but the text will be in English.

Basically, the process to join a religion is working, but the skills and traits do not unlock anything for now.

You will need my channel injector for the radio channels to appear on stereo objects, and for the interactions to show up on computers and other sims, you will need Scumbumbo's XML injector.

And finally, please use this with care, make a copy of your save to make sure nothing gets corrupted. This is still in the early stages, it has not been tested a lot with any other mods, so please take precautions. Everything seems fine so far, but I cannot guarantee anything at this point.

Do let me know if you encounter any issues, and also if you see anything wrong in the way I am doing things. I am not an expert on religions, I just want to help out the people who, like me, would like to have this aspect of their lives in the game. So if I am doing anything wrong, misrepresenting anything, please kindly let me know so I can improve things!