Custom Channels Injector

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Uploaded: 14th Apr 2022 at 9:25 PM
Updated: 21st Jan 2023 at 10:51 AM
The Custom Channel Injector mod aims to facilitate the addition of custom radio and TV channels, as well as video games, to The Sims™4. It is mostly made for fellow modders, as it still requires the creation of the XML tuning files for both the channels and the corresponding listening interactions. It also requires an extra snippet tuning file, that is explained in details in this documentation. If you are not familiar with XML modding yet, I recommend first experimenting, and making sure your channels work fine on custom objects. What this mod provides is, once you are done with the XML files, it will automatically add your custom radio/TV channels to every stereo/TV object in game. It is injecting with a script, not overriding any file, so it is compatible with any mod already touching to channels or stereo objects.

Let me know if you have any issue or if you find any bugs, I will do my best to help


4.0 Update
- Added support for custom stereo objects that should only have a few specific channels available

3.2 Update
- Added an option for venue speakers channels
- Corrected an issue raising an exception when trying to inject channels into earbuds when the Fitness pack was absent

3.1 Update
- Added an option to make channels non dance-able.
- Corrected an issue with DJ booths, the music would play and the sims could listen, but the object would officially stay in OFF mode and the music animation would not show up.

3.0 Update
- Added support for computer video games.
- Gave a proper instance ID to the string table in the test package. It was previously set to 0, which might have caused compatibility issues.

2.0 Update
- Added support for TV channels.

1.1 Update
- Channels can now be added to hot tubs, DJ booths, water scooters, bots, humanoid robots, and smart hubs.
- Corrected an issue preventing the channels from appearing on the entertainment centers from Tiny Living (TV/Stereo/Bookshelf/Whatever combos).