Unlocked Lot Traits & Challenges (Updated version of Dorsal Axe)

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Uploaded: 4th May 2022 at 11:04 AM
Updated: 23rd Oct 2022 at 2:03 PM
Quick Status Update (October 23, 2022)

Hello simmers!
It's been a while since I have updated this mod.
I am planning to update this mod at the end of the year, since I haven't been able to buy the latest DLCs, but I will soon!
I am also planning to upload them on the Mod Hub by Curseforge that comes out next month.

See you soon!

Unlocked Lot Traits & Challenges

It's finally here!
This is an updated version of Dorsal Axes' Unlocked Lot Traits!

This mod unlocks all lot traits and challenges that are included with any pack.
They work on any type of residential and public lot.

Pre-assigned locked traits (example: an apartment with the TLC trait) can also be deleted or added with this mod.

I haven't really play tested if any of them are functional for certain moodlets or any other way, though they should be since nothing in the files is changed, they're only unlocked.

(Please delete the files from the packs you don't own.)
All Zone modifiers are added to these files, even though some of them (even complete pack files) aren't changed at all for this mod. They are added in case someone wants to edit them for themselves or for possible future changes. It's easier for me to keep them together.

Here is a list of all the files in this mod.
  • Clothing Optional (zoneModifier_lotTrait_ClothingOptional)
  • Convivial (zoneModifier_lotTrait_Convivial)
  • Bracing Breezes (zoneModifier_lotTrait_FreshAir)
  • Great Acoustics (zoneModifier_lotTrait_GreatAcoustics)
  • Fast Internet (zoneModifier_lotTrait_HighSpeedInternet)
  • Homey (zoneModifier_lotTrait_Homey)
  • Natural Light (zoneModifier_lotTrait_NaturalLight)
  • Private Dwelling (zoneModifier_lotTrait_NoTrespassing)
  • Science Lair (zoneModifier_lotTrait_ScienceLair)
  • Teen Neighborhood (zoneModifiers-lotTrait_Teen_Hang_Out)
  • Off-The-Grid (zoneModifier_lotTrait_OffTheGrid)
  • * Gameplay Effects (zoneModifiers_Hidden_BBGameplayEffects)

Bust The Dust:
  • * Dust (zoneModifiers_Hidden_Dust)

Cats & Dogs:
  • Breeding Ground (zoneModifier_PetWorld_BreedingGround)
  • Cat Friendly (zoneModifier_PetWorld_CatFriendly)
  • Cat Hangout (zoneModifier_PetWorld_CatHangout)
  • Dog Friendly (zoneModifier_PetWorld_DogFriendly)
  • Dog Hang out (zoneModifier_PetWorld_DogHangout)
  • Training Ground (zoneModifier_PetWorld_TrainingGround)

City Living:
  • Cursed (zoneModifier_con_Cursed)
  • Lively Neighbors (zoneModifier_con_LivelyNeighbors)
  • Needs TLC (zoneModifier_con_NeedsTLC)
  • Pricey (zoneModifier_con_Pricey)
  • Child's Play (zoneModifier_lotTrait_ChildsPlay)
  • Filthy (zoneModifier_lotTrait_Filthy)
  • Gnomes (zoneModifier_lotTrait_Gnomes)
  • Great Soil (zoneModifier_lotTrait_GreatSoil)
  • Gremlins (zoneModifier_lotTrait_Gremlins)
  • Grody (zoneModifier_lotTrait_Grody)
  • Haunted (zoneModifier_lotTrait_Haunted)
  • Mean Vibe (zoneModifier_lotTrait_MeanVibe)
  • Penny Pixies (zoneModifier_lotTrait_PennyPixies)
  • Quake Zone (zoneModifier_lotTrait_QuakeZone)
  • Romantic Aura (zoneModifier_lotTrait_RomanticAtmosphere)
  • Sunny Aspect (zoneModifier_lotTrait_SunnyAspect)
  • Cheap Rent (zoneModifier_pro_Cheap)
  • Chef's Kitchen (zoneModifier_pro_ChefsKitchen)
  • Party Place (zoneModifier_pro_GreatAtmosphere)
  • Great View (zoneModifier_pro_GreatView)
  • Historical (zoneModifier_pro_Historical)
  • Home Studio (zoneModifier_pro_HomeStudio)
  • Low Deposit (zoneModifier_pro_LowDeposit)
  • Near Good Schools (zoneModifier_pro_NearGoodSchools)
  • On Ley Line (zoneModifier_pro_OnLeyLine)
  • Quiet (zoneModifier_pro_Quiet)
  • Romantic Fireplace (zoneModifier_pro_RomanticFireplace)
  • Serviced Apartment (zoneModifier_pro_ServicedApartment)

To make Needs TLC, Great View, Historical and Romantic Fireplace functional I recommend you to download NikNak's Movable/Buyable City Living Apartment Objects.
Though I heard the mod is broken and that this is an alternative: Click here
Serviced Apartment should be functional of itself.

Cottage Living:
  • Wild Foxes (zoneModifier_lotTraits_Foxes)
  • Simple Living (zoneModifiers_lotTrait_RequiredIngredients)

Discover University:
  • Study Spot (zoneModifier_lotTrait_StudySpot)
  • University Student Hang Out (zoneModifier_lotTrait_UniversityStudentHangout)

Eco Lifestyle:
  • Eco Lot (zoneModifier_lotTrait_EcoLot)
  • Landfill Lot (zoneModifier_lotTrait_LandfillLot)
  • Geothermal (zoneModifiers_lotTrait_Geothermal)
  • Natural Well (zoneModifiers_lotTrait_NaturalWell)
  • * Trash Update (zoneModifier_lotTrait_TrashUpdate)

Get Famous:
  • Hottest Spot in Town (zoneModifier_lotTrait_CelebrityHangOut_HighFame)
  • Up-and-Coming Hotspot (zoneModifier_lotTrait_CelebrityHangOut_LowFame)
  • Celebrity Home (zoneModifiers_lotTrait_CelebrityHomeLotTrait)

Island Living:
  • Island Spirits (zoneModifier_lotTrait_IslandSpirits)
  • Oceanic Paradise (zoneModifier_lotTrait_OceanicParadise)
  • Volcanic Activity (zoneModifier_lotTrait_VolcanicActivity)

Jungle Adventures:
  • Peace & Quiet (zoneModifier_lotTrait_PeaceAndQuiet)
  • Creepy Crawlies (zoneModifiers_lotTrait_CreepyCrawlies)

  • ** Haunted House (zoneModifiers_Hidden_HauntedHouse)
  • * Paranormal Investigation (zoneModifiers_Hidden_ParanormalInvestigation)
  • * Paranormal Investigation Easy (zoneModifiers_Hidden_ParanormalInvestigation_Easy)
  • * Paranormal Investigation Hard (zoneModifiers_Hidden_ParanormalInvestigation_Hard)

Snowy Escape:
  • ** Onsen Venue (zoneModifiers_Hidden_OnsenVenue)

Spa Day:
  • * Wellness Activity Promoted (zoneModifiers_Hidden_WellnessActivityPromoted)

Star Wars:
  • ** Batuu (zoneModifiers_Hidden_Batuu)

Tiny Living:
  • Lighten The Load (zoneModifiers_TinyHome_Bill_Decrease)
  • Cozy Comforts (zoneModifiers_TinyHome_Comfort_Increase)
  • Let It Grow (zoneModifiers_TinyHome_Gardening_Increase)
  • Feelin' Fine All The Time (zoneModifiers_TinyHome_Positive_Buff_Duration_Increase)
  • Let's All Get Along (zoneModifiers_TinyHome_Rel_Gain_Increase)
  • You Got The Touch (zoneModifiers_TinyHome_Skill_Increase)

  • On Dark Ley Line (zoneModifier_lotTrait_OnDarkLeyLine)
  • Registered Vampire Lair (zoneModifier_lotTrait_RegisteredVampireLair)
  • Vampire Nexus (zoneModifier_lotTrait_VampireNexus)

* - different gameplay, can not be changed.
** - venue types, can not be changed.