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Garden Variety

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Uploaded: 2nd Aug 2015 at 5:33 PM
Updated: 14th Sep 2015 at 10:27 PM
These are overrides for some of the garden plants that give them different meshes and custom textures, for more variety. The wild-growing variants are also included in each package (changes are identical). This is not a complete overhaul, it only contains those plants my sims currently have which were bothering me most.

I haven’t yet managed to make actual custom meshes for plants without breaking the states, so this will have to do for now ‒ these are all using various existing meshes that are edited to use different textures. I am also not aiming at botanical correctness here; the point is simply that one can look at a plant and tell what it is when they’re not looking all the same any more.

  • Basil ‒ mesh is identical with original (small shrub), texture is custom
  • Sage ‒ mesh is identical with original (small shrub), texture is custom (made from the sage harvestable so it makes a little bit of sense now)
  • Parsley ‒ uses a smaller (flower) mesh with a different texture (similar to the original but darker)
  • Onion ‒ uses the lily/snapdragon mesh and textures, rig is still the unchanged onion one
  • Spinach ‒ uses a smaller (flower) mesh with customised texture and the flower rig
  • Tomato ‒ uses the potato/carrot mesh with customised texture, custom rig
  • Lemon Tree ‒ texure override (same texture but darker and thus more citrus-like)
  • Generic Herbs ‒ texure override for anything that would still use the default neon green herb texture otherwise (dunno what exactly, this is basically a pre-emptive measure); this is the same green as the (customised) parsley

Known issues:
  • The parsley texture is a bit weak on the mipmaps as it is relatively flimsy, leading to disappearance attempts when zooming (pretty far) out. I may or may not make a new texture with larger leaves at some point to combat that effect.
  • The tomatos have a changed rig which will only take effect after the plant has been harvested and new tomatos are growing. Until then, the tomatos still think they are on the old (tall) shrub so some of them will levitate. The new rig is also not particularly great because it took me a little while to understand that thing about the re-growing, so I kept editing it relative to the original .. and right now I don’t feel like editing it for the 15th time. It is not a total disaster, just a bit funky with some of the tomatos sitting on top of stems and clipping through leaves; see the “dry” screenshot (this is less funky than the original tall-shrub one).

I forgot to take a close-up screenshot of the dry spinach, but that is included as well. Also note that some of the plants on the dry screenshots are in their harvestable state, which is why they seem to have non-dry parts (that’s the harvestables .. they only come in one variant).

Garden plants can also be put in custom (non-planter) pots such as the garden pots from here / here, by the way, which probably makes more sense when they look nicer (I didn’t even realise until just now that that Just Works ‒ I thought I would need to make another mod for that).

“Black harvestables” issue: Some of the harvestables (e.g. sage, daisies) showing up nearly black on the shrubs is an issue with the 1.10 patch, it’ll happen no matter whether or not you use this mod. The screenshots in this post were all taken in 1.9 which is why the harvestables still look normal on them. This has been fixed in 1.10.63.

Paint.net/Aorta, s4pe, TSRW.