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Shiftable Mirrors Complete Set

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Uploaded: 19th Jun 2022 at 12:51 AM
Updated: 24th Jan 2023 at 12:47 PM
✔Game tested and compatible with 1.94 patch


Added a new mirror from Pastel Pop Kit

Earlier I used similar mods by BrazenLotus, PictureAmoebae and Orangemittens, but even the most recent by Amoebae included items only up to Dream Home Decorator and big swatches update patch, so with each further EP/GP/SPKit release I had to add new items manually.

I remade the mod a while ago for easier keeping up to date and decided to share it here.


Amoebae is back on Tumblr and their mod is updated, so I decided to add some clarification. The only difference between their version and mine is the Studded Mirror (Jungle Adventures). My version has flag "EdgeAgainstWall" so the mirror does not clip into the wall, while Amoebae's mirror has tiny clipping at the top. The changes for all the other items are identical. You are free to use any mod, Amoebae or mine but not both as they modify the same resorces and conflict.

P.S. These mods were the source of my inspiration to make wall bookcases shiftable too!

So what does this mode do?

It overrides EA wall mirrors to make them shiftable. The only change of the original objects is posibility to adjust their placement on the wall.

What's included?

Overrides for all EA wall mirrors up to High School Years Pack.

What did I change?

I've turned on "AdjustHeightOnWall" flag in Object Catalog resource for all swatches of each item.

Orangemittens, BrazenLotus, PictureAmoebae for original idea and mods, Sims4Studio and EA.