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Dragonscales/CartwrightBathroom set

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Uploaded 12th Oct 2005 at 3:22 PM

Okay.. my first recolor of a whole set not Maxis! I hope I did it all right.lol
This is a recolor of my favorite bathroom set by Nikita489. Not only does she allow the recolors, but I can also post the meshes with the recolors. Cool huh? The toilet and bath mats are of course Echo's and you can get the mesh files from the link posted if you don't already have them. The toilet and curtains are maxis originals. and the pictures are recolors of redVs.Blue maxis original. The set includes:

Bathtub/Shower combo
single sink
(double sink also included but not in my picture)
Tower cabinet
small cabinet
double cabinet
towels( can be placed on the second shelf of double cabinet and on top of small cabinet!)
Towel hooks w/shelf
towel ring
toilet roll holder
Mirror Trash Bin
small stool
walllights(maxis shell light)
toilet mat and Bath mat
2 wall pictures
1 wall tile
1 floortile
* please also note that in the original mesh set there is a small wall cabinet included which I did not recolor, and you need to use a move objects code in order to use it if you want to place it above anything. You can read Nikita's original post here:

This set was made specifically to match the Dragonscales Nursery and Bedroom sets I posted a couple of days ago. If you would like those this is the link:

Thanks to all who have made object creation and recoloring possible, and to Nikita and Echo for the use of thier meshes. And to everyone here for all the nice comments you have posted. You all rock! Enjoy.