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Tester Wanted: ★ Meshes for Rugs & Mats ★

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 23rd Feb 2005 at 3:42 PM
Updated: 4th Mar 2005 at 3:33 PM - Added link to "no-shadow" set.
Please share your recolours in the *NEW* ★ Recolours for Rugs & Mats ★ thread!!
(It is placed in the "New Objects Mesh Recolours" forum).

04 Mar 2005: Windkeeper has removed the shadow from all the rugs and mats. If you prefer the no-shadow look, you can download the modified set here (it is *not* a mandatory update, though; just follow your personal tastes).
Obviously, you can't have both versions in your game, since they share the same GUIDs and filenames. All the recolours work with both versions.

26 Feb 2005: added info about solving the "invisible rug" problem (look for the icon)

24 Feb 2005: Added a 1x1 Doormat by ECHO

(Original post follows)
Since the rugs seem to be very popular, and many changes were recently made to them,
we felt the need to group in only one thread the following (closed) threads:
"Rug as object" by ECHO
"2x3 rug modified from Echo's 3x4 rug" by WINDKEEPER
"Two more, smaller rugs" by ECHO
From now on, please post all your requests and comments (*not* recolours) HERE.
Do not post anything on the older thread
. All the recolours posted in the old threads are still available from their original posts, including the ones made by Echo and Windkeeper.

At the bottom of this post you can find the latest, working versions of the following objects:

3x4 rug: original mesh by Echo - EP2 compliant - recolourable
2x3 rug: by WindKeeper (based on Echo's 3x4 rug) - EP2 compliant - Uses the same textures as the 3x4 rug and needs the 3x4 rug to work
Toilet Mat: by ECHO - EP2 compliant - recolourable
1x2 rug: by ECHO - EP2 compliant - recolourable
1x2 Bedside Mat - by NUMENOR (based on Echo's 1x2 rug) - EP2 compliant - Uses the same textures as the 3x4 rug and needs the 3x4 rug to work.
1x1 Door Mat: by Echo - EP2 compliant - recolourable

The difference between the two 1x2 rugs is that Echo's one may be recoloured as a stand-alone object (has its own textures), while mine is "linked" to the 3x4 rug: it uses a part of the original 3x4 textures, in order to better look as a bedside mat.
IMPORTANT: since the 3x4 rug, the 2x3 rug and the 1x2 bedside mat share the same textures, if you delete a texture from the catalog for one of the rugs, it will be deleted for all the three!

All these objects have their own GUIDs, and will not conflict with each other.

All the recolours created so far for all the previous versions of the rugs will work fine with these updated versions.

IMPORTANT: has come to our attention that on an external site has been posted a "recolour" for some of these rugs that actually are clones of them. This can lead to conflicts, resulting in having "invisible" rugs in the catalog and in the game. If this happens, use the Clean Installer in order to spot the clones: they are labelled "Game Object". If you want to be sure, open the "suspect" package open with SimPE: if there are more then 3 "Filetypes" listed in the top left hand side, it's a clone!

Known issues:
- If very shallow objects (like plates) are placed on the ground covered by the rug, they sink into the rug's "pile". The plate is still there, but you can't get at it unless you move the rug temporarily. This applies to homework, as well: the kids won't be able to do them once they "sank" into the carpet!

- Sims don't like to "Work Out" on the rug. If you have a rug covering the whole area in front of a tv and set the sim to exercise, s/he will not do it. You can either move the rug, move the tv, or find something else to increase your sim's fitness.


We all know the Sims community works best when things are shared freely, so I'll let you do just about anything you want with these objects. Just a few little guidelines:

- You may share your own creations (recolours or remeshes) based on these bases however you see fit. This includes pay/subscription sites if you so desire (but I am a big fan of free sites!). This is true for both recolours and new bases.
- If you do share items based on these objects, you are not required to provide a link. (That doesn't mean you can pretend you made it though!) If you do want to provide a link, then linking to MTS2 (or even this thread) should be fine.
- You may make these files available from your own site/server as a *free* download if you wish, but you may not charge for it. If you do put the files on your own site, please give us a mention. It'd also be nice if you let us know where it's going, so if we make any more modifications we can let you know.


Echo, Windkeeper and Numenor