7 New Versions of the Extendable Arch **4 BaseGame Compatible**

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Uploaded: 9th Feb 2009 at 4:22 PM
Updated: 11th Oct 2011 at 1:56 AM - Edited Post
Per a request by i saw drones, I have made 7 new extendable arches.

These Arches can be extended to any width, 2,3,4 or more tiles wide They all have functional diagonals and a unique GUID.

My Extendable Touch of Teak French Arch can be found HERE .

My First Extendable Arch can be found HERE.

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The Maxis Arches will require the listed EP's for them to show-up correctly in your game. They all use the repository technique so base object recolors will apply to the arches.

Colonial Tract Arch-BaseGame-recolor using the Maxis Colonial Tract Door
Oaktowne Classic Arch-BaseGame-recolor using the Maxis Oaktowne Classic Door
Old Yankee-BaseGame-recolor using the Maxis Old Yankee "No Score" Door
VIP Deluxe-BaseGame-recolor using the VIP Deluxe Double Doors

**MAXIS NightLife Arch**
Open Me-NightLife-recolor using the Maxis OpenMe Door

**MAXIS OpenForBusinessArch**
Storybook-OpenForBusiness-recolor using the Maxis Storybook Door

**MAXIS Mansions & Gardens Arch**See Pic Below
The Arch-Duke-Mansion&Gardens-recolor using the Maxis Arch-Duke Door

Polygon Counts:
Colonial Tract End-Diag--368
Colonial Tract Center-Diag--316
Colonial Tract End-Straight--328
Colonial Tract Center-Diag--236
Oaktowne Classic End-Diag--76
Oaktowne Classic Center-Diag--44
Oaktowne Classic End-Straight--76
Oaktowne Classic Center-Diag--44
Old Yankee End-Diag--68
Old Yankee Center-Diag--32
Old Yankee End-Straight--68
Old Yankee Center-Diag--32
Open Me End-Diag--154
Open Me Center-Diag--54
Open Me End-Straight--154
Open Me Center-Diag--54
Storybook End-Diag--512
Storybook Center-Diag--300
Storybook End-Straight--512
Storybook Center-Diag--300
The Arch-Duke End-Diag--246
The Arch-Duke Center-Diag--36
The Arch-Duke End-Straight--246
The Arch-Duke Center-Diag--36
VIP Deluxe End-Diag--218
VIP Deluxe Center-Diag--56
VIP Deluxe End-Straight--218
VIP Deluxe Center-Diag--56