Maxis Match Shutters for the Matrix/Craftsman Windows & My Expansion Set

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Uploaded: 27th Apr 2009 at 4:40 PM
Updated: 11th Oct 2011 at 1:54 AM
These shutters are made to fit the Maxis Symmetric Poly-Molecular Matrix/Craftsman Window and the Expansion set I made, find it HERE.

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You can find them under Decorative/Curtains.

1Tile Kitchen Shutter 100 Simoleons
1Tile Maxis Shutter 110 Simoleons
1Tile Tall Shutter 120 Simoleons
2Tile Maxis Shutter 115 Simoleons
2Tile Tall Shutter 125 Simoleons

The texture's are drawn from the Maxis Midnight Ride / Colonial Shuttered Window.
All the standard Maxis colors will show, plus any recolors you may have. Several recolors are included in the recolor file.

Polygon Counts:
The poly count of each shutter is 384