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Electric Water Cooler/Dispenser - Fully Animated

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Uploaded: 7th Jan 2006 at 5:09 PM
Updated: 27th Oct 2008 at 1:29 PM by -Maylin-
Hi Guys,

Would you test this for us please?

This is another collaboration between myself and Numenor.

Made with Milkshape, SimPE v.50 it is compatible with ALL games, it is colour enabled and has its own unique (registered) GUID - so it wont conflict with (or overwrite) anything else in your game.

Polygon Count: 1592

This is an electric water cooler/dispenser, complete with drinking animations. It is fully functional (thanks to Numenor) and has a little surprise when you take a drink!

This was an idea suggested by CharmedPiper_1 which I couldn't resist.

A huge thanks (once again!) to Numenor who spent hours correcting the animations/effects/package (I just made the mesh!). Without his help this would just be a decorative object. However, the animations are superb - if a little 'different'

Available in 5 case colours, Pale Blue -the default colour - Pink, Green, Yellow and, of course, White. The glass water container is also available in blue and green glass (defualt colour is clear).

It can be found in Appliances/Refrigerators

Please report any issues...and thanks for testing...and a Happy New Year to you all!! :baloons:


Recolours: (As with all my objects,) please DO NOT post any files that contain my original mesh.
You are free to post your recolour files (preferably here, in the recolours section). Please pm before posting recolours....I always reply!.. as I love to see what you recolour artists can do with my stuff!

LOTS: Please do NOT include this (or any other of my objects) in any LOT uploads. These are BETA objects, here for testing, and not yet ready to 'inflict' on an unsuspecting LOT downloader.

Finally, please do not clone or post on pay/subscription sites