Grass flooring/Virtual Lawn FIXED

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Uploaded 17th Jan 2006 at 6:15 AM · Updated 21st Jan 2006 at 1:26 AM by suceress : oops. should work with all but only needs original game

Upon request I made floors to match the Maxis grass. I made it as carpet because I figured that would make sense. I used the 3 original Maxis grass types: Sparse and Spotty, Grassy Growth, and Bright Burst Terrain.
I put all three in one zip file.
Hopefully they work ok. If there is anything wrong with them, please let me know.
I forgot to mention: You can do whatever you want with these. Put them in houses available for download or whatever. I don't even care if you link back to me because they were so rediculously easy to make that anyone with Homecrafter and a graphic editing program can do it.
Its not mandatory, but I would love to see screenies of things you do with them just to see how they are being used. I want people to enjoy them and it will make me feel good to see them put to use. :-)
EDITED: I believe I have fixed the problem, but the files are no longer sims2packs, they are .package files because when I try to package them, Homecrafter corrupts them. I tested them in game and they don't look as good as I'd hoped. Not sure how to achieve the same effect. I made 3 of each file in different zoom levels to see which one would work the best.