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Tricorn Hat - Pirate pt. 4

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Uploaded: 21st Jan 2006 at 1:53 AM
Updated: 15th May 2010 at 1:09 AM by CatOfEvilGenius
Continuing with the pirate stuff, here's a tricorn hat. I think someone might have done something like this before, but I had a request of it over at SapphireSims2, so I decided to put it here as well.

I only managed to keep one sim from turning fuzzy. So look at the guy in the center to see the skull on the front. The others don't count.

The hat is for young adult-elder males and females, and will fit quite a few Maxis hairstyles. Hats are always hard, because I want them to fit as many hairstyles as possible, but not look ridiculously huge. But I think they came out well. The feather and ribbon are a seperate mesh from the hat, so you can wear the hat without the feather. You can also wear the feather without the hat, but as it sits several inches away from your sims head, it looks kinda funny. The feather/ribbon mesh (called TricornExtra in the rar) is alpha editable, so you can have one or both. The ribbon is alpha edited out in this upload, but I included a picture of what it looks like. Note: Only the hanging ribbon is included in the mesh. The band going around the sims head is custom face and hair. I couldn't make the mesh adjust to that many hairstyles without looking silly, so you have to do it manually. Both meshes can be worn with other accessories.

Disclaimer: Recolor at will, but do not redistribute the mesh without permission. All recolors should link back to this post. Do not upload to any paysites, and do not upload to the Exchange. I know they're pretty much nonexistant, but feel free to use any color I include with my meshes in your own creations, as long as credit is given and a link to the mesh is provided. HOWEVER, this doesn't apply to anyone else's recolors of my meshes. Those are the property of the respective creators, and you have to ask them about redistribution. All content is by Maxis or me.